Making the directive more non-directive by presenting case studies

i.e. Harvard Business School

“Cases expose students to real business dilemmas and decisions,” NiCn Nohria, the former dean of Harvard Business School, writes for Harvard Business Review. “Cases teach students to size up business problems quickly while considering the broader organizational, industry, and societal context. Students recall concepts better when they are set in a case, much as people remember words beIer when used in context.

Cases teach students how to apply theory in practice and how to induce theory from practice. The case method cultivates the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision- making, and acCon.”

– i.e. Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan

– i.e. Jesus tells the story of the two sons

So how would this work?

You take a class in an area of study that you would like to coach others in ….

You then find or make up a case study that might help your client learn a particular concept.

Parenting  Giving kids the “I am somebody attitude”

Tell a story from …

  • History i.e. Hitler, Babe Ruth
  • Literature i.e. Huckleberry Finn
  • Your life
  • Make a story up

How to use the case study to coach a client in concepts

  1. Listen to the story
  2. Ask the client what struck them about the story
  3. Ask the client what Parenting (time management, marriage …) concept they got out of the story
  4. Discuss the concept

How to use the case study to coach a client in concepts

  1. Ask the client what course of action he/she might be interested in pursuing as a result of the discussion of the case study.
  2. Pursue a plan to carry out the desired course of action.

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