The Decision, the Plan & the Management of the Plan

So far we have only explored how you can, in a semi- directive way, help a client learn something about a area in their life they would like to fix, improve, learn for their life. This work is sort of pre- coaching.

But now we are ready to do the kind of coaching that was talked about in the 3 credit class on coaching. Do you remember from that class what the 3 things are that a coach does?

Three things coaches do:

       - Help client figure out what they want to do (decision)

Based on all the semi-directive coaching, what is it that the client wants to focus on first?

Note: Some things have a necessary order to them. Allowing the client to set the order as much as possible helps the client gain in motivation.

Review what was learned in the “teaching” phase.

Help the client choose what he/she wants to concentrate effort towards by …

Client interest, Client need, Situational urgency, Easiest/hardest

i.e. Parenting

       - Help client figure out how to do what they want to do (plan)

Out of all that was learned, the client has picked out a particular area within the chosen topic or skill (i.e.

Parenting – giving kids the “I will try” attitude) but now a plan must be figured out.

       - Help client do what they plan to do (management)

This is the feed back loop of the whole learning process.

    • Assignments are given.
    • Next meeting assignments are evaluated
    • Adjustments are made according to success or failure or lack of attempt and new assignments are given

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