"I give because it's my way of sharing the only thing I hold of real value "CHRIST JESUS MESSAGE TO THE WORLD." -Linda G.

"I donate because I want as many people possible to have the same opportunity I had to receive the high quality ministry training that Christian Leaders provides." -Duane W.

"I give to Christian Leaders so that others that can't afford to can still get a valuable, useful, and ministry fueling seminary education in order to further the Kingdom of God." -John B.

"I give because Christian Leaders offered me the opportunity to fulfill my call in ministry by providing the education needed in order to purse ordination and my Masters." -Grant H.

"Simply put, I donate to give back for all that Christian Leaders has given me over the last 6 years in hopes that my small monthly contribution helps raise up more Christian Leaders." -Karen W.

"I donate because I want more people to be able to receive free Christian training." -Lynn B.

"I choose to donate because I agree with the vision. I have learned much, thank you, Christian Leaders!" -Robert W.

"I donate because of all that Christian Leaders has given to the Christian community and the world!" -William R. 

"I give because I want others to have the same great opportunity that I had. Training and learning is so empowering in your personal life and ministry." -Datialisa D.

"I donate because I am able to contribute something monthly towards work for Christ." -Anthony B

"I give because I am spiritually fed at Christian Leaders." -Robert M.

"I choose to donate to Christian Leaders because I want them to bless others as the education I am receiving is blessing me." -Christina P.

"I give to Christian Leaders for two reasons; that which costs me I value, and since God has blessed me with enough, it is my pleasure to give where it will help others." -John R.

"I donate to Christian Leaders because they give so much to me." -Susan W.

"I give because I believe Christian Leaders is the single most important ministry in the world today." -Gordon W.

"I give because I want to see revival and to help provide equipped quality leaders throughout the world as doing my part in the great commission." -Peggy K.

"I donate because I wholeheartedly believe in the same vision as Christian Leaders, to raise up Christian pastors, teachers and leaders to change the world for Jesus Christ!" -Michael F.

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