Welcome to Christian Leaders! 

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) is an online educational institution offering free courses with two schools. The Christian Development School offers non-college credit awards, certificates, and diplomas. The other school is the Leadership Excellence School, which offers undergraduate degrees. Christian Leaders Institute strategically partners with Christian Leaders Alliance, providing an ordination path for Licensed and Ordained Minister Credentials.

Donations from students, individuals, and foundations support this free ministry training, allowing everyone with internet access to enroll and complete over 165 Christian courses.

 You may want to study at Christian Leaders Institute for several reasons.  

Ministry Calling: Many students at CLI feel a strong calling to serve in Christian ministry. Whether they aspire to become pastors, church leaders, missionaries, evangelists, or any other ministry role, CLI offers a structured and accessible platform to equip them for their calling. If you are here to discern your ministry calling, we suggest you enroll in the following:

Are you exploring getting more involved in ministry? This course is for those who want to grow in their calling and Christian identity! 

Ordination Path: CLI offers ordination programs in partnership with Christian Leaders Alliance for those seeking to become ordained ministers or pastors in their respective churches or ministries. Primary Ordination roles are Licensed Wedding Officiant, Field Minister, Licensed Minister, Licensed Coaching Minister, Licensed Ministry Chaplain, and Ordained Minister.  Every ordination role begins with becoming ordained as a Licensed Wedding Officiant.  Click here to enroll in the  Wedding Officiant Skills and Ordination Program - 1 CDS Unit. Click here to see how this could be a strategic first step in your ministry training and credentialing journey.

Personal Spiritual Growth: Even for those not seeking formal leadership roles, CLI's courses can serve as a way to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and grow spiritually. Enroll in over 165 mini-courses, ministry skill courses, Bible, Theology, Philosophy, General Education, and Christian Business Courses.  Click here to see our suggested courses.

Undergraduate Degree Program:  Our Leadership Excellence School offers low-cost degrees. Start your College Degree Program - Click Here

Enroll in the Degree Admission course. Earning an undergraduate degree will serve your ministry or allow you options for graduate school. The low degree administration fee will keep you out of debt. 

These courses will change your life, feed your soul and launch you to minister to others. 

Christian Leaders offers hundreds of courses and mini-courses to help you grow in your faith and ministry. Our Getting Started courses will help you learn about our programs and find the best fit for you.

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