Exercise 1 

  1. Frederick nearly choked on the piece of chicken when he saw Margaret walk through the door.
  2. His intense eyes looked at everyone and everything as if they were specimens in a biology lab.
  3. Despite her pessimistic views on life, Lauren believes that most people have kind hearts.
  4. Although Stefan took the criticism gracefully, he remained calm.
  5. The child developed a vivid imagination because he read a lot of books.
  6. Madeleine spoke softly while she was visiting her grandmother in the hospital.
  7. Hector’s most cherished possession was his father’s bass guitar from the 1970s.
  8. My definition of a perfect afternoon is walking to the park on a beautiful day, spreading out my blanket, and losing myself in a good book.
  9. She curiously eyed her new coworker and wondered if he was single.
  10. At the party, Denise voraciously devoured two pieces of pepperoni pizza and several slices of ripe watermelon.
Exercise 2

Our argument started on the sunniest afternoon that I have ever experienced. Max and I were sitting on my front stoop when I started it. I told him that my dog, Jacko, was smarter than his dog, Merlin. I could not help myself. Merlin never came when he was called, and he chased his tail and barked at rocks. I told Max that Merlin was the dumbest dog on the block. I guess I was angrier about a bad grade that I received, so I decided to pick on poor little Merlin. Even though Max insulted Jacko too, I felt I had been meaner. The next day I apologized to Max and brought Merlin some of Jacko’s treats. When Merlin placed his paw on my knee and licked my hand, I was the sorriest person on the block.

Exercise 3

  1. Donna always felt good if she did not see the sun in the morning.
  2. The school board president gave a good speech for once.
  3. Although my dog, Comet, is mischievous, he always behaves well at the dog park.
  4. I thought my back injury was bad at first, but it turned out to be minor.
  5. Steve was shaking badly from the extreme cold.
  6. Apple crisp is a very good dessert that can be made using whole grains instead of white flour.
  7. The meeting with my son’s math teacher went very well.
  8. Juan has a good appetite, especially when it comes to dessert.
  9. Magritte thought the guests had a bad time at the party because most people left early.
  10. She badly wanted to win the writing contest prize, which included a trip to New York.

Exercise 4

  1. This research paper is better than my last one.
  2. Tanaya likes country music best of all.
  3. My motorcycle rides worse than it did last summer.
  4. That is the worst joke my father ever told.
  5. The hockey team played worse than it did last season.
  6. Tracey plays guitar better than she plays the piano.
  7. It will go down as one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  8. The deforestation in the Amazon is worse than it was last year.
  9. Movie ticket sales are better this year than last.
  10. My husband says mystery novels are the best types of books.
Exercise 5

a. Denise has a more cheerful outlook on life than her husband.
b. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I am the best cook in my family.
c. Lydia is the most thoughtful person I know.
d. Italy experienced the worst heat wave in its history last year.
e. My teacher, Ms. Beckett, is the strangest person I know, and I like that.
f. Dorian’s drawing skills are better this semester than last.
g. My handwriting is the sloppiest of all my classmates.
h. Melvin’s soccer team played worse than it did last season.
i. Josie’s pen writes more smoothly than mine.
j. I felt luckier than my sister because I got into the college of my choice.

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