Exercise 1

  1. Suddenly, the dog ran into the house.
  2. In the blink of an eye, the kids were ready to go to the movies.
  3. Confused, he tried opening the box from the other end.
  4. Every year, we go camping in the woods.
  5. Without a doubt, green is my favorite color.
  6. Hesitating, she looked back at the directions before proceeding.
  7. Fortunately, the sleeping baby did not stir when the doorbell rang.
  8. Believe it or not, the criminal was able to rob the same bank three times.
Exercise 2
  1. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all booked with meetings.
  2. It was a quiet, uneventful, unproductive day.
  3. We’ll need to prepare statements for the Franks, Todds, and Smiths before their portfolio reviews next week.
  4. Michael, Nita, and Desmond finished their report last Tuesday.
  5. With cold, wet, aching fingers, he was able to secure the sails before the storm.
  6. He wrote his name on the board in clear, precise, delicate letters.
Exercise 3 

  1. The presentation was scheduled for Monday, but the weather delayed it for four days.

  2. He wanted a snack before bedtime, so he ate some fruit.

  3. The patient is in the next room, but I can hardly hear anything.

  4. We could go camping for vacation, or we could go to the beach for vacation.

  5. I want to get a better job, so I am taking courses at night.

  6. I cannot move forward on this project, for I cannot afford to stop on this project.

  7. Patrice wants to stop for lunch, and we will take the next exit to look for a restaurant.

  8. I’ve got to get this paper done, as I have class in ten minutes.

  9. The weather was clear yesterday, so we decided to go on a picnic.

  10. I have never dealt with this client before, but I know Leonardo has worked with them, so let’s ask Leonardo for his help.

Exercise 4
  1. I asked my neighbors, the retired couple from Florida, to bring in my mail.

  2. Without a doubt, his work has improved over the last few weeks.

  3. Our professor, Mr. Alamut, drilled the lessons into our heads.

  4. The meeting is at noon, unfortunately, which means I will be late for lunch.

  5. We came in time for the last part of dinner, but most importantly, we came in time for dessert.

  6. All of a sudden, our network crashed, and we lost our files.

  7. Alex, hand the wrench to me before the pipe comes loose again.

Exercise 5

March 27, 2010

Alexa Marché 14 Taylor Drive, Apt. 6 New Castle, Maine 90342

Dear Mr. Timmons,

Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I am available on Monday, the fifth. I can stop by your office at any time. Is your address still 7309 Marcourt Circle, #501? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you, Alexa

Exercise 6
My brother, Nathaniel, is a collector of many rare, unusual things. He has collected lunch boxes, limited edition books, and hatpins at various points in his life. His current collection of unusual bottles has over fifty pieces. Usually, he sells one collection before starting another.

Our meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20. During that time, we need to gather all our documents together. Alice is in charge of the timetables and schedules. Tom is in charge of updating the guidelines. I am in charge of the presentation. To prepare for this meeting, please print out any emails, faxes, or documents you have referred to when writing your sample.

It was a cool, crisp autumn day when the group set out. They needed to cover several miles before they made camp, so they walked at a brisk pace. The leader of the group, Garth, kept checking his watch and their GPS location. Isabelle, Raoul, and Maggie took turns carrying the equipment, while Carrie took notes about the wildlife they saw. As a result, no one noticed the darkening sky until the first drops of rain splattered on their faces.

Please have your report complete and filed by April 15, 2010. In your submission letter, please include your contact information, the position you are applying for, and two people we can contact as references. We will not be available for consultation after April 10, but you may contact the office if you have any questions. Thank you, HR Department.

Exercise 7

  1. I did not notice that you were in the office; I was behind the front desk all day.

  2. Do you want turkey, spinach, and cheese; roast beef, lettuce, and cheese; or ham, tomato, and cheese?

  3. Please close the blinds; there is a glare on the screen.

  4. Unbelievably, no one was hurt in the accident. (This sentence is correct as it is.)

  5. I cannot decide if I want my room to be green, brown, and purple; green, black, and brown; or green, brown, and dark red.

  6. Let’s go for a walk; the air is so refreshing.

Exercise 8 

  1. Don’t give up; you never know what tomorrow brings. (Semicolon to connect related independent clauses.)

  2. Our records show that the patient was admitted on March 9, 2010; January 13, 2010; and November 16, 2009. (Semicolons to separate items in a list.)

  3. Allow me to introduce myself: I am the greatest ice-carver in the world. (Colon to introduce a related explanation or statement.)

  4. Where I come from, there are three ways to get to the grocery store: by car, by bus, and by foot. (Colon to introduce a list.)

  5. Listen closely; you will want to remember this speech. (Semicolon to connect related independent clauses.)

  6. I have lived in Sedona, Arizona; Baltimore, Maryland; and Knoxville, Tennessee. (Semicolons to separate items in a list.)

  7. The boss’s message was clear: Lateness would not be tolerated. (Colon to introduce an explanation.)

  8. Next semester, we will read some more contemporary authors, such as Vonnegut, Miller, and Orwell. (Comma is sufficient in this context.)

  9. My little sister said what we were all thinking: “We should have stayed home.” (Colon to introduce a quotation.)

  10. Trust me; I have done this before. (Semicolon to connect related independent clauses.)

Exercise 9

  1. Yasmin said, "I don't feel like cooking. Let's go out to eat."

  2. "Where should we go?" said Russell.

  3. Yasmin said, "It didn't matter to her."

  4. "I know," said Russell, "let's go to the Two Roads Juice Bar."

  5. "Perfect!" said Yasmin.

  6. "Did you know that the name of the Juice Bar is a reference to a poem?" asked Russell.

  7. "I didn't!" exclaimed Yasmin. "Which poem?"

  8. "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost," Russell explained.

  9. "Oh!" said Yasmin, "Is that the one that starts with the line, 'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood?'"

  10. "That's the one," said Russell.

Exercise 10

  1. "What a beautiful child! She has her mother's eyes."
  2. My brother's wife is one of my best friends.
  3. I couldn't believe it when I found out that I got the job!
  4. My supervisors informed me that I wouldn't be able to take the days off.
  5. Each of the students' responses were unique.
  6. Won't you please join me for dinner tonight? (No apostrophe needed here; "won't" is a contraction of "will not.")
Exercise 11
  1. Are you going to the seminar this weekend? (I am.)

  2. I recommend that you try the sushi bar (unless you don't like sushi).

  3. I was able to solve the puzzle (after taking a few moments to think about it).

  4. Please complete the questionnaire (at the end of this letter).

  5. Has anyone (besides me) read the assignment?

  6. Please be sure to circle (not underline) the correct answers.

Exercise 12
  1. Which hairstyle do you prefer – short or long?

  2. I don't know – I hadn't even thought about that.

  3. Guess what – I got the job!

  4. I will be happy to work over the weekend if I can have Monday off.

  5. You have all the qualities that we are looking for in a candidate – intelligence, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

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