Henry – Welcome back to this hospitality and ministry class. This is our last  presentation. Monty has been enjoying hospitality. Just by way of wrapping this up,We've talked a lot today, yesterday, the other presentations about hospitality  and fellowship. What are some of the takeaways or the highlights of the  moments that you had? As you were thinking back to what we were talking  about? What were some of the things that maybe were new to you that sort of  came across as aha moments? Were there anything in this class? While you're  thinking, I was thinking about the Roman world, they're really very much stay  within their cliques and how Christianity comes on the scene, and it breaks  down cliques and invites people in, and the whole thing turns into a hospitable  movement, while caring for strangers becomes to caring for sick. And then I  know Dr. Feddes had another presentation here, we're in Christian leaders  Institute. And I watched that one where the hospital movement was responsible  for the saving of so many lives for the gospel, because the Christians were  known as those who picked up a baby on the side of the road to adopt the  Christians were the ones willing to plug infested areas to minister when  everybody else was running away. I thought that was interesting. They didn't  realize how cliquish the pagan Romans really were? So that was kind of one,  what about you any things that you think  

Pam - are thinking and reflecting on the difference between fellowship and  hospitality and the similarity of them as well, but, and the idea of fellowship with  other believers and the depth of that? Christ, the Holy Spirit in just, it's just  

Henry - related to that. And related to that is that if you can master the skill of  hospitality and fellowship, and you can definitely plant a church. I mean, if you  didn't even have all of the church planting, like training, but if you can do these  well, that church to go to 50, 100, 150, without even going to one seminar or  teaching on church planting, because I know new church planting there's a  barrier there. Get rid of those barriers that are hurry just by practicing hospitality  and fellowship, in a healthy way. Anything else? Well, what about Jesus is the  stranger?  

Pam - Yeah, that one's tricky.  

Henry - That's interesting that, that, you know, talking about welcoming  strangers.  

Pam - I was that stranger, I was the hungry person, I was the person who  needed clothes.

Henry - powerful stuff to think about that communion aspect of hospital or a  fellowship in this class, that is even the progression that basically, at one level,  we have fellowship in that we are Christians as the name Christianity. But then  another level, we have fellowship, because we relate to God individually, but  we're all relating to God and individually, we have fellowship with Jesus Christ  with Trinity, then it goes deeper. Well, no, we have, you know, we have  fellowship with communion. You know, there's the oneness there that we have  fellowship and a whole culture we have fellowship with the life, the death and  the resurrection, the work of Jesus Christ with others. No, it's more than that is  fellowship of the Holy Spirit. So now the comforter is given to all of us. So when  we have our fellowship groups, so that was powerful that you know, now, we  meet with others of our fellowship to support the fanning the flame the fire. That  was a powerful learning. I mean, I've known this for decades of ministry, but to  have a fresh way  

Pam - to review and looked at it again. Right.  

Henry - So anyway, forget it. For me to put them together, I was thinking about  you. I mean, we've lived this for decades now. All of this stuff, practically, most of it has been our experience, the power of the Holy Spirit. In a we'll be your  experience, that this is not just something that's some small thing. This is the  heartbeat of revival and ministry. It's a beautiful thing, and we live this. And all  the people, you know, personally, in all the new students that have come in,  have all been part of a process of hospitality welcoming fellowship, we're all one  in Jesus Christ. We just did recently 2021. And there is now 197 nation code.  And just think about all of the people everywhere, but the key thing we have in  common is Jesus Christ, and I think that's pretty awesome. Let's end with sort of a, like sort of call to action. The benefits of these leadership skills, and the  benefits of leadership skills. So where are you going to go with all this? So first,  

Pam - is God calling you to plant or small group, a house church, or a church?  

Henry - We planted a church. Four churches. It's amazing. In house churches,  we have classes here in house church, Larry Kreider has a class on how to find  a house church. We have a class on church planting, we have much teaching on fellowship, small groups. And so what about you? Are you call community?  They're teeny small groups or social media? So that's the first question we have, is the Lord calling you to action.  

Pam - Is God calling you to invite your neighbor over for dinner? 

Henry - Yeah, so before all these big things, maybe it's just opening up your  home for some hospitality meal. And see how that goes. 

Pam - And what behaviors do you need to change in regards to fellowship and  hospitality.  

Henry - So maybe get a piece of paper out, and you'll look at some of the things  you've learned in the course. And maybe write down some of the areas that you  consider yourself as growth areas where maybe a little weaker than you want to  be, you're starting to get stronger, right, but then write down your areas that you  have given this down to, and then maybe talk a little more with a friend or your  

spouse or some leaders in your church, maybe a pastor, or if you're the pastor,  talk with some of your other leaders and say, Okay, do an inventory of what is  possible, dream to find that vision, find that mission, find that strategy to take the next step. Now, you may already be in it. And this class has only given him more tools and boring excitement. But only great every finish up this class, that there's a clear action. And we would love to hear about what is happening in your life.  Because you're taking those action steps. I guess. Part of the goal is to stop this class and it was really fun to do this with you. First class we jointly have done  ever together believe me are it's really worth the month now of our 20 year  anniversary. So finally I've been 20 years. Lord, thank you so much for this  opportunity to talk about fellowship and hospitality. And help us Lord to find our  role in serving you. Meet people open and daring and safe and curious and  interested in how to reach more people and be hospitable and the people who  love the fellowship of believers found in the fellowship with you. Give us your  Holy Spirit for all these things. We pray in Jesus name amen 

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