Christian Officiant

The Christian Officiant role embodies all officiating roles offered through the Christian Leaders Alliance. This position may serve as your ultimate goal or a stepping stone into broader ministerial roles. As a Christian Officiant, you are licensed by the Christian Leaders Alliance to undertake the following responsibilities:
  • The work and duties of a Wedding Officiant
  • The work and duties of a Romance Officiant
  • The work and duties of a Funeral Officiant
  • The work and duties of a Ministry Officiant
  • The work and duties associated with additional officiant roles covered in the Officiant Ministry Skill course. This course aims to review and deepen your training in officiating as a minister, alongside providing training in further officiant work and duties.

Further Overview: The Licensed Christian Officiant Role offers a significant progression in ministry, expanding upon the foundational Officiant roles and more. This clergy program encompasses six courses and requires two endorsements. A Level Two Endorsement is awarded upon receiving recommendations from two endorsers who acknowledge your calling as a Christian Officiant.

As a Christian Leaders Alliance clergy member, you are credentialed to perform:

  • Weddings
  • Engagement Ceremonies
  • Baptisms and Dedications
  • Funerals
  • The Lord's Supper
  • Professions of Faith
  • Confessions of Sin
  • Forgiveness Prayers and Ceremonies
  • Anointing Ceremonies
  • Care Facilities Visits
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Master of Ceremony Events in God's presence

(Note: Membership with the Christian Leaders Alliance requires submission of two endorsements.)

Key Benefits:

  • Completing 5 courses credentials you as a Christian Wedding Officiant, Romance Officiant, Funeral Officiant, Ministry Officiant, and a Christian Officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance, leading to the minister program at Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • You will gain recognition for performing numerous ministry ceremonies both in the United States and globally, with eligibility to do so in many other parts of the world.
  • You will be able to engage in ministry work with essential training completed.
  • You will be trained and credentialed to work in churches or your community.
  • You can register a Soul Center with the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • This role is especially appealing for newly called Christians into ministry, elders, and deacons in established churches, as well as many retired Christian leaders finding this program an ideal fit.

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