Christian Leaders Institute

Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas

Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas at Christian Leaders Institute are designed to recognize and celebrate your progress and achievements in your Christian education journey. These credentials signify your commitment to personal growth, theological understanding, and ministry readiness. They provide a structured yet flexible path for believers to deepen their faith and acquire essential ministry skills. Whether you're pursuing an award, a certificate, or a diploma, each program is crafted to enhance your spiritual development and equip you for effective service in the Christian community.

Minister Credentials

Minister Credentials at Christian Leaders Institute prepare and authorize individuals for various ministry roles within the Christian community. These credentials are essential for those called to serve as wedding officiants, pastors, chaplains, or ministry leaders. The program offers comprehensive training paired with local endorsements, ensuring that you are well-equipped to lead and support your congregation or ministry organization. Minister credentials are recognized by the Christian Leaders Alliance, confirming your readiness and legitimacy to perform ministerial duties and functions.

Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Our degrees offer an in-depth approach to Christian leadership and ministry education. These programs are ideal for those pursuing undergraduate degrees in Divinity, Chaplaincy, and Christian Leadership. The curriculum combines a Christian worldview with practical leadership skills, preparing graduates for roles in ministry, nonprofit management, and business leadership. We also offer undergraduate and graduate transfer opportunities through our partner schools. Currently, our candidate status with the USDE allows us to issue degrees in 36 states.

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