Christian Development School Programs- Offers vision partner-supported free mini-courses, skill courses, and college-level courses (the college-level courses are also used in the Leadership Excellence School) that are recognized with awards, certificates, and diplomas. These credentials have a small fee for official credentials if the student wants to order the official credentials. Students are included in the Christian Leaders Institute Directory. Click here

Leadership Excellence School Programs- Offers tuition-free college courses (also used in the Christian Development School) and undergraduate degree programs. These courses are recognized for college credits for those in the Leadership Excellence School. In addition, there are administration fees for those pursuing degree credentials. 

Christian Leaders Alliance Programs- An international commission of Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy members leads this strategic ministry program. Click here. The minister's credentials include commended, licensed, and ordained programs that serve volunteer, part-time, or full-time leaders. These members are recognized in the Christian Leaders Clergy Directory. Click here.