Welcome to the Christian Leaders Alliance Minister Credentialing Program! 

A Global Ministers Commission (Click here) oversees this credentialing, led by President Henry Reyenga and Secretary Minister Brian DeCook. 

Christian Leaders Alliance offers licensed and ordained minister Credentials roles for the Volunteer, Part-time, or Full-time Minister. Here are some of the characteristics including:

  • Ministry Training from Christian Leaders Institute
  • Local or Relational Recommendations that establish more credibility
  • An ecuministry Approach that allows you to be credentialed as a minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance and still retain your local church membership or local minister credentials. 
  • A Global minister credentials Directory - See Directory

We offer Six Primary Minister roles:

After you complete any of these minister roles, over 30 Specialized Ministry Roles are available for you.  These include specialties like Bible Study Leader, Evangelist, Prayer, Pastoral Care, and many more. 

Registering a soul center that reflects your ministry calling is also welcome after joining the Alliance.