Ministry Skills courses will enrich you with practical knowledge as you proceed in ministry. 

Many of these courses are designed for the Cristian Leaders Alliance. Please note, these courses do not give college credit, they give Christian Leaders Institute Module Credit primarily used for the ordination path with Christian Leaders Alliance.

This Christian Wedding Officiant Skills class is a one-credit class that gives you the skills needed to officiate a wedding. Included in the training are some teachings about the meaning of marriage from the Christian worldview perspective. After you complete this course, you will be allowed to complete the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Class that grants your credentials. 

A Romance Officiant assists unmarried individuals in connecting with the opposite sex for the purpose of exploring potential marital relationships. The primary objective of a romance officiant is to support Christian individuals in establishing healthy dating and courtship relationships, guiding them toward making their commitments official.

The funeral officiant skill course covers the skill necessary to officiate a funeral with confidence and competence. This course is required to become a funeral officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Dive into an enriching journey covering 8 topics, designed for those called to serve as Ministry Officiants. This course prepares you to become a Ministry Officiant and allows you to be credentialed with the Christian Leaders Alliance as a Licensed Ministry Officiant.

Maybe you never have studied the Bible or Theology, and you want to learn some essential study techniques. Maybe you struggled with your studies in your earlier days.  Maybe English is your second language. Maybe it has been a long time since you did any studies.You will learn how to study ministry and theology in this course.

Officiant Ministry skills are the essential ministry skills that clergy need in many settings. Whether you are the volunteer, part-time, or career ministry lane, this two-credit course will teach you ministry skills for various ministry settings. 

Pre-Marriage Counseling Skills is a course led by Steve Elzinga with some real life examples from Abby and Mitchell Dominiak. As a branch of life coaching, students will learn how to come along side engaged-to-be-married couples and coach them through life before marriage. 

Sexual intimacy is a God-given gift connected to marriage and procreation. This course discusses many vital aspects of sexuality within a Christian Worldview approach, in order to equip Christians and ministers to grow in their personal lives and in their ministry impact. 

Get empowered for more effective ministry to parents. Many parents are seeking help to raise confident children. Professor Steve Elzinga presents this parenting skill course to help you if you are involved with children or if you minister to parents. 

A match conversations ministry is led by a matchmaker minister. There are many conversations that occur when someone is dating or courting. The matchmaker minister in today context rarely actually finds the match, can help clients prepare for and find their match. 

How do Christians find their life-long marriage match? This course brings the Biblical worldview to the practical need of matching couples who share a walk with Christ. Professor Kristina Lynn has spent over twenty years developing a matchmaking ministry approach. This one-credit specialization ministry class is designed for those interested in pursuing matchmaking as part of their ministry. 

MinistryBiz Skills is a course that focuses on the selected actions needed to start ministry enterprises that focus on ministry and business.