Welcome to the free courses of Christian Leaders Institute, where you can become a confident, skilled, and connected Christian leader. 

The Christian Leaders Institute has two educational branches and a minister-credentialing body called the Christian Leaders Alliance. All three offer free courses funded by donations, allowing anyone to join and learn. 

The Christian Development School (CDS) provides adult education courses on various topics. These courses are free; after completing them, you can obtain various awards, certificates, diplomas, and ministry credentials for a small fee. 

The Leadership Excellence School offers courses that count for college credit, although these credits and degrees are fee-based educational services. Click here to see the Credits and Degree Program.

Our funding comes from two main sources: you students yourselves, through donations and fees, who help us manage, update, and offer these courses without charging tuition. Donate, click here. The other sources of donations from non-students include foundations, individuals, and churches. These contributions also support our efforts to reach non-English-speaking communities and special initiatives.  

Our goal is straightforward: we want to develop more Christian leaders. Start your journey with us by taking the "Multiply Christian Leaders Course," an ideal introduction to what we offer at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Crossroads Prison Ministry

Mission Multipliers shares the ministry training movement and raises money for the mission of global Christian Leaders. Help Christian Leaders offer tuition-free study opportunities to every rank, race, and region. 

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