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    Talk about Sex

    Opening Conversations about Sex in the Church

    by  Ruth Buezis

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    Talking about sex-related topics in the church or in the Christian world is challenging. Many Christian parents have a difficult time talking about sex with their children. Many Christian married couples struggle to talk about sex with each other. Church leaders tend to shy away from this subject. 

    Even though our sexuality is one of the most important parts of being human, we hardly ever talk about it. 

    Opening Conversations About Sex is a mini-course that raises many important issues for discussion. In this mini-course Ruth Buezis, author of the Book Awaken Love, shares a Biblical understanding of human sexuality and the conversations the church may need to address. If you are interested in ordering her book,  Order here. 

    Awaken Love

    This mini-course will fit you if you

    • are single or married and want to ground your sexual identity in the Word of God
    • are a minister, wedding officiant, marriage minister, youth minister, or a chaplain
    • desire to open the conversation of sex in your church or community
    • desire to see the next generation thrive in this area of experience. 


    1. Be introduced to "Opening Up the Discussion of Sex in the Church and Christian Community." 
    2. Learn how we got into our current conversational situation. 
    3. Learn how our own brokenness tempers how we converse about sex.   
    4. Learn how to create healing conversations about sex. 
    5. See how to be respectful as we talk about sex. 
    6. Develop an understanding of how to be proactive in a conversation about sex. 
    7. Learn How to Develop Conversations that go beyond the "Birds and the Bees"
    8. Learn why today is a great opportunity for ministry in this area.  


    Post in 3 Forums. You will get a completion check indicating you have posted reflections and read and engaged with the comments of others. 


    After you complete viewing the materials and posting your reflections, there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.

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