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    Mark of the Lion

    by Professor Brian DeCook

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    In many cultures, the idea of identity has become a defining characteristic of an individual and has taken on a deeper significance. As Christians, how do we understand this? How is our identity shaped? And what is our identity in Jesus Christ? Join Professor DeCook in a journey of exploration and discovery of what it means to have an identity as a follower of Jesus Christ. 

    Course Outcomes: 

    Upon the completion of this mini-course, students will have an understanding of the following: 

    1. Intersectionality and the various aspects of identity in mainstream culture
    2. The concept and function of oppression and oppressors in relation to intersectionality
    3. The downfalls to a strictly intersectional worldview of identity
    4. What it means to identify as a follower of Jesus Christ, based on a Biblical framework
    5. The transforming power of healing, reconciliation, and unity that is found in Jesus 
    6. The Mark of the Lion as an aroma of our Savior
    7. The process and impact of taking the Mark of the Lion 
    8. The effect of the Mark of the Lion on  identity, personal relationships, and relationships with the world


    Post in 3 Forums. You will get a completion check indicating you have posted reflections. Also, read and engage with the comments of others. 


    After viewing the materials and posting your reflections, there is a feedback quiz. The quiz will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the mini-course.


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