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This page simply posts the wishes of some elderly people for their lives in 2021 as they hope for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.


“When I think about the coming year, I hope that we can put all of the anger, confusion, and tragedy behind us. I wish for a world that can be at peace with itself and that we can learn to love each other. I’m also so grateful to the radio station myTalk 107.1 and for being able to talk to Jason & Alexis every Tuesday morning. It is the highlight of my week and I hope for it to continue in the coming year.”


“I’m looking forward to being able to see more of my two grandchildren and being able to go to church again. I hope for things to get better in our country in the next year with less criticism and just more peace and harmony.”


“My wish is to see my family more often in the coming year, especially my grandchildren and children. I wish for this pandemic to end so that we can be freer to come and go as we want. I just hope that people will love each other more and we can live in a peaceful world.”


“I used to play piano for my church before the coronavirus happened, and my wish in the coming year is that I will be able to go out of my apartment and play piano for my church again. I love music so much and playing the piano makes me so happy. I hope that I can play the piano for other people very soon. When I was younger, I would go to jazz clubs and enjoy music. I would love to do that again.”


“My thoughts are with my friends and with the wonderful people of Little Brothers, whom I have grown to love so much. My wish is that we all have more sunshine in our lives and the ability to smile more in the coming year. I believe in treating people the way I would like to be treated and I hope people are kinder to one another. I send my prayers up to all of my friends.”


“I’m a big baseball fan and I hope to see Twins games again and really want to go out to restaurants. I look forward to selling more of my art and sharing it with people. I want to travel soon to the Canadian Rockies and Niagara Falls. I hope that in the coming year our country can work on issues like homelessness and the environment.”


“My biggest personal wish is that I can take my mother out of assisted living and that we can find a place to live together. My wish for the world is that we can all come to a mending point, where all the countries can find healing. I want us to beat this COVID and for people to be able to come out of it stronger than they were before.”


“I wish for continued good emotional and physical health for me and my family. When I think about the coming year and really the future of the younger generation, I think of my daughter and her children. I hope for more healing, less division, less racism, and more acceptance of people who are different than ourselves.”



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