Welcome to the mini course nine ways to build others up. Today we're gonna  talk about taking this one step further. Become a recognizer of positive traits. We talked about that last time, and accomplishments. And here's the added in open  doors for others, point out people's good traits to others behind their backs and  in front of them. Interactions ingredients are important. Proverbs 27:2, let others  praise you, and not your own mouth, someone else and not your own lips. So  you're in the discipline of seeing the positive traits and attributes and you see  them you notice them, you share those positive traits with people in the  relationships you have with them. But then, to take that one step further. So that  discipline of positive regard to see others as creations of God, that discipline  gets applied to others. Let's go back to the slide in look at this one more time.  open doors for others. What does that mean? Well, yes, open doors. Okay,  husbands, open the door for your wife open the door of a home. When you see  others, be the one that runs ahead and opens the door. Do you know what you  say by opening the door for others in a very physical and tangible way. You say,  I lift you up, okay? Now let's take that, not only as physically opening the doors  for others, but also in a metaphor or in a relational way of opening the doors for  others. When you do that, it is powerful. Now, I like to golf, and I've been in  various golf associations and leagues and clubs. And it's fascinating to me, that  there are some people who will not open the door for anybody else. And then  there are others like Barnabas, who are just opening the doors for others in the  difference. Those who are opening the doors for others, they even become more encouragement, they become more critical and crucial, and people will want to  be around them because they understand that trade of opening the doors for  others. Let's go back again to that slide. Point out people's good trades behind  their backs, and in front of them. You know what most people do? They talk  negatively about others behind their backs it's true. And many Christians do. And maybe you do too. And you feel you have good reason. And maybe you believe  it's because you're being instructive for those in your life. But be those who  when someone's not in the room be the one that stands up for them and in front  of them as well. You know what's Two Faced is when someone talks negatively  about them behind their back and then they talk flattery in front of them. That  bifurcation that split personality will not serve ministry. Well, and ultimately, if that is you in ministry, this will hurt your ministry. I want to go back to the slide one  smore time. introductions, and greetings are opportunities, you noticed says let  others praise you not out of your own mouth, someone else not of your own lips. You have a beautiful opportunity to be that person who in introductions. So when you introduce someone, you say, Hi, this is George. When George first met me.  He encouraged me. He smiled at me and he's still smiling today. George goes to my church. George, I want you to meet Sam. So notice that as opposed to  something like Hi, this is George he's a good guy. Now that's better than this is  George he's a bad guy. But you got the point. It's this positive introductions and 

greetings. And when you meet someone to a lot of times, if there's something  positive from your past relationship with them is bring up. Hey, George, how you  doing? Hey, that was fun golfing with you last week. Those are opportunities to  create an environment of encouragement. So not only become a recognizer of  someone's positive traits, but include others, build a culture of recognition so  that whoever you meet as a minister, people know this is a Barnabas that has  walked in the room, the very guy who could lift up the Apostle Paul is in the  room today, and that will change people's lives forever. 

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