Ministry Skills for Sexual Intimacy Related Topics - Introduction

Henry and Pamela Reyenga

Why is this a ministry topic?

Sexual intimacy usually plays a major role in our stories. People have struggled with injuries and abuse, as well as being the one who offended. Sin creeps in easily in this area in most people’s experience.

For many Christians, topics related to sexual intimacy prompt people to become believers. The past injuries from their sins play a major role in their discipleship and growth.

Sexual Intimacy topics are complicated. Pleasure and pain are mixed up in thousands of ways.

The history of the church and church leaders have a complicated and often non-Biblical experience with this topic.


Why is this a ministry topic?

Media is everywhere selling a sexually immoral view of sexual intimacy. Many Christians have been sucked into porn or have been injured by it.

Marriage is being delayed, which forces Christian singles to develop a sexual purity plan that will actually work.

Few Christian leaders are giving leadership here, and the leadership from the social sciences has largely separated sex from marriage.

Christian married couples frustrate each other in this topic.

Christians have a transformational lifestyle that brings safe, pleasure-filled spiritual and physical oneness to a world desperately seeking this! We have opportunities to share transforming testimonies and the role of our marriages to glorify God and reach others.


A few disclaimers…

Sexually explicit things will be talked about.

We are not the answer team here. This course comes out of a passion and study of ministry sciences as it relates to sexual intimacy.

Ministry in this area is complicated, but it will transform lives because it occupies such a large area of hurt and brokenness.


Course Study

Ruth Buezis begins the study with a mini-course she recorded on God’s Design for Sex.

Dr. Lloyd Carr does a study on the book of Song of Solomon.

Ruth Buezis is back introducing questions that the church needs to ask.

Pam and I will dive into the deep waters on some of these subjects talking about philosophy and theology issues. We will address some practical issues like sex and singleness and masturbation.

We will study sexual sin as it is especially related to overcoming pornography addiction.

We will feature many articles that come from Dr. Josh Spurlock’s group, MyCounseloronline. Plus many more resourses.

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