Thinking about God's design for sex. The next place we're going to head is to Genesis, read  in Genesis 1:28, God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill  the earth and subdue itAnd so God created sex, to create life, to make babies to procreate.  And, you know, that's probably the number one reason that we hear God created sex. And  when we think about talking to our kids about sex is what we think about is, is talking about  how you make a baby. And it might feel rather obvious, of course, God created to make  babies but, you know, God could could have created life other ways. And so he didn't choose  and create this very intimate act as a way to create life. And so I think there's an importance  in that. The second place we're going to go to is Genesis 2:24. I'll start at verse 23. It says,  The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called  ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and  is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.And so God created sex, to make us into one in marriage. Now, I think I used to think that maybe that was just one time deal, or we get  married, we have sex, and boom, God makes us into one. And actually, the more I've learned, the more I think, know, yet the unique this in the one the first time we have sex in marriage,  but I believe he makes this into one. Every time we have sex. And, you know, oneness, from  from sex, is something that we typically talk about, in the purity culture, as far as, don't have  sex out of marriage, otherwise, it's foreign to to that other person. It's all those crazy purity  allegories, that, that your youth pastor told us, as far as you know, the girls a red piece of  construction paper, and the boys the blue piece of construction paper. And if you have sex  outside of marriage, you take glue, and you spread it all over that red piece of paper, and you  stick the two pieces of paper together, because the sex is like glue. And then if you're not  married, at some point, the two of us separate and we separate. The red papers left on the  blue paper and the blue papers left on the red paper, because you, you bonded yourself to  that person and and you've left part of yourself behind. Now, I think that there's some truth  there. I think maybe the more the more important truth is that God does the same thing in  marriage, right? And I talked about how like, it's not just a one time deal. It's every time you  have sex, God glues you back together. Because I think the world is constantly trying to pull  you apart, trying to divide your marriage. And so I think we need this powerful gift effect, to  keep finding us to keep make us making us into one. Now, for a lot of women, this is not  something that comes naturally. In fact, in many marriage books, you'll read things like in  order for a wife to have sex. First, she needs to feel emotionally connected to her husband.  And you'll read in order for a husband to open up to his wife emotionally, he needs to have  sex with his wife. Now, those might be the natural ways that that were created. It might be  what comes naturally to us. But is it possible that we're supposed to learn new things like  aren't husbands supposed to learn to talk to their wife? Even if they haven't had sex, to love  her and to serve her and to share his heart with her even if he hasn't had sex? But isn't the  same also true? Maybe, you know, if a wife isn't feeling emotionally connected to her  husband? Is it possible that if she has a husband that loves her that is trustworthy, that she  needs to trust him when he reaches for her. Let me give you an example. My husband and I  remember many times where we would get into dispute disagreements. And when for  whatever reason, we are not going to work it out that night. And so we'd finally just decided  we were going to go to bed and we'd worked it out the next day. And we'd go to bed and we'd  be laying there and I would still be fuming and wrestling with how we're going to figure out this argument. And all of a sudden, my husband is reaching for me to have sex, and I'm thinking,  you got to be kidding. Are you crazy? How can you even think about sex at a time like this?  When we're not connected? Now, my husband is the kindest, gentlest, most loving husband  anybody could ask for. And he would never ever do anything to treat me poorly. And is it  possible that in these moments, in those moments, I needed to trust my husband? Maybe my 

husband didn't just need a sexual release. Maybe he understands stood that if we could just  come together and have sex, God would help make it into one again. Now, that takes a lot of  trust. And I'm not telling why they should just have sex with your husband because he wants  it. But I'm saying why is this you need to think about who is your husband? Is he trustworthy?  

Is he loving, would he do anything in the world for you? And if He is that man, that he's that  same man, when he's reaching for you to have sex? The other thing I would say is that, you  know, this is not something that comes easily for women. And so we might need to just pray  

to God and say, God, will you help me in turn to this helped me to trust that you're going to  make something good out of this helped me to get my body on board and fully trust you in  this. So I believe that sex is this powerful gift that God gave us to make us into one and we  believe that and we trust him in that truth.

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