So we've read that Genesis chapter three now. So let's just parse through these verses, and  really drill down as to its effect upon us. So sin enters the world, Satan goes after that  dopamine response and in just getting noticed, and this is a different translation, again, I'm  using Genesis 2:3, 2:3. The woman said to the serpent, We may eat from the trees of the  garden, but God did say you should not eat of the tree, that's the middle of the garden, you  must not touch it, or you will die. Notice how survival instincts come in here as well. Getting  back to you know, we are created to live and reproduce and even Eve realizes that there's  something to fear and that is, we will not survive. So the fall into sin, Genesis 3, the woman  saw the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye and also desirable for  gaining wisdom, she took it in aid and gave some to her husband who was with her and he  ate, then the eyes, both of them are open, and they realized they were naked, and they  sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. Now, in this verses, you see  three topics pre fall hard wiring, that were addressed. The stomach led them to listen,  wisdom, their desire to be like God loved them to rebel. God gives them over to their wisdom  and pride in intimacy, their fall, led them to experience nakedness, this led to broken bonds,  mistrust, in shame. I find it so fascinating, like how, at the fall deep within us a pre fall hard  wiring. Satan went after that, to make pleasure, which God wanted us to experience in the  Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve. To then at that level, to you know, wasn't specifically he  didn't like go at the level of, let's say, eating alone, or at the level of knowledge alone, or he  didn't like create a fight in the Garden of Eden in the pre fall state between Adam and Eve,  you know, like, picture that they're working themselves out and together, and they're naming  animals, and they're helping each other and all is going well, and then saying, look, the  mango, you know what, I think I can get humanity to fall, if I can get them to have an  argument over what they should name a certain animal. And if they can get such a fight, that  all of a sudden, we could break and see Man falls down that way. No, no, no. Satan goes  after the dopamine receptor, that which we be considered pleasurable. So it was pleasurable  to eat. It was pleasurable to work. And it was pleasurable for sexual, and relational intimacy.  Let's go after that which the human thinks is pleasurable. And if they become not aware of the idolatry of their own pleasurable dopamine response, they actually put it higher than the love  and service of God. That very putting higher will separate them from God. And that's what  happened. And Adam and Eve did that. And humans found a sin. Now, fortunately, by the  grace of God, God promised not to leave humanity. I will put enmity between you and the  woman and between your offspring and hers. He will crush your head and you will strike his  heel. Jesus Christ came. He came, and we read, one of the things that the Promised Messiah did. He came victorious over Satan. The temptations of Jesus was for us act it out Acting out  that he would live in obedience to God. And when Satan tempted Jesus, if you look at he,  Satan went after his dopamine responders, well, could he get the Son of God to find pleasure  in separating himself from his father. And ultimately, Jesus said, No, I will not live by bread  alone by the pleasure of bread, I will not live by the pleasure of being the king of the world. I  serve my father. And at that level, the deepest level, the temptations of Satan, to Jesus were  to go after the dopamine responder, and you can look up those temptations. And it is so  interesting that it went there. So instead, Jesus lives, the sin free, perfect life, Jesus died for  our sins. That we would be free, that even the sins, that the dopamine receptor creates our  sins forgiven at the cross into the blood of Jesus. And that that flesh and blood, he loves us,  that in resurrection, this body, this fallen, body we live with, is valuable, and he rose again  from the dead. And what what's happening Colossians 3:10, we now even now put on the  new self, which is being renewed in the knowledge of the sorry, in the image of knowledge in  the image of its Creator. So what are the ministry takeaways that we can get from this  passage? Well, the Fallen self is the default operating system now of all humanity and 

ministers. Jesus Christ is the new life or even our most hidden fallen self damage. Ministers  surrendered Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, we are saved from our sin and sanctified  be renewed in the knowledge of the image of our Creator. So there's hope for us. But our  hope is in Jesus Christ, it is through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have a way given to us  that our dopamine receptors are not everything. So what I want you to do is watch these next, YouTube videos. And I can't say that they're done from a Christian perspective, this is a lot of  social sciences here. And they examine the dopamine receptors and all of that, it I think it's  valuable in this next section to go through these videos, and to see how the world of social  sciences interprets pornography addiction. Now, they admitted that this could be for a lot of  addictions. And it's true, because addictions are so much born in looking for the dopamine  responses, the pleasurable responses. But what I like about these videos, is that it gives you  a window to see that fallen dopamine receptor, and that in the area of our sexuality, it makes it understandable, so that when we talk about specifically through the blood of Jesus into the  sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, that we find ways to minister over with victory over our  sexual sin, we can we can see how it all makes sense and what we need to do. So. Enjoy  these next videos. They're not done from a Christian perspective. But they give you insight as  to what science describes as the science of addiction. 

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