So you saw those videos about the dopamine responder is I found that so interesting to see it. I know from a social scientist and research and in I really felt sorry for that rat who would  rather get the dopamine response, rather than actually eat or anything. And then I realized  that this isn't about a rat, Henry, this is about human beings like you and me and ministers,  that, as John Calvin once said that the heart is a factory of idols. And essentially, if I'm not in a sanctifying relationship, and I really want the Lord God to be my Lord and Savior, I mean, I  could be like that rat. So, in addressing this subject of sexual sin, you know, whether it be  lusting after somebody else, or whether it be addiction to pornography. You know, the fact is,  is this is for me, that this presentation is for me. So what do we do first, admit that you will fall  in dopamine responder, you have a dangerous, sinful nature that will not look for your best.  You have a sinful dopamine responder in your brain. I John 1:10. If we claim we have not  sinned, we make him out to be a liar, in His Word has no place in our lives. I remember old Dr. Snapper, as he rubbed his head. You know. Make sure you realize that sin is your problem.  You are capable of creating idols. Idols that make your brain feel pleasure. Just because they  lure you into a pseudo pleasure and this in the area of sexual sin. You know, what could those areas be? Well, of course, addiction to pornography could be addiction to romance movies, or addiction to reading books and everything with addiction to a pseudo intimacy. That includes  that sexual preferences and sexual activities. It could be how you look at someone else, how  you look at another woman or another man. Admit that you and I, we have a problem in this  area. Because this is one of those areas like we have a problem in food. Have you had a lot  of at least most of us do if we're honest that if left unchecked. We could hurt ourselves in the  pleasure of any No, it's far easier to be transparent about going on a diet. I mean, if we were if we were to talk about dieting for food and talk about overcoming sexual sin, it'd be very hard  to put those together. Like we won't go, you know, I'm gonna be really taking I'm gonna be  having a diet from carbs. And I think I'm dieting in looking at pornography. Okay, now, I put  those two together. But in they're not together. I mean, one just feels like that couldn't be an  idol food. But, you know, pornography, especially for a Christian. What? I can't even believe  you said that. See, so some of this comes out. So the first thing is just to admit that you are  capable of looking at porn you're capable of lusting after another woman you're capable of  falling sexually. That's number one. Number two is reset your sexual identity And in part of  that is to look at your own history. How did the devil first tempt you in that area? I know for  myself when I was 12, I know that at my cousin's house, the older my cousin's older brothers  were on the garbage route, and they found Playboy magazines. And that's when all boys at  first were laughing. But as we got older and hormones sent in, I don't think we're laughing  anymore. It was a different kind of pleasure. Well, that created DNA. And then remember,  there was a drive in movies. And you see that Star Wars 1977, the right after the Star Wars  movie at 10 o'clock, was a porno flick. Well, all of us should have gotten that we should have  turned the cars on every one of us Christians should of drove away as fast as we could. But  most of us just stay in watch. And that created the, the seed of not married sexuality depicted  by people whose goal was to give us a dopamine response. Today, in people's stories, I had  just been amazed at how the role of pornography and the internet as young people, that is,  I've been a pastor at age 10, 11, 12. Where they see pornography and it wires their receptor,  right there and, and but anyway, so it's too late, look at our own lives. And then to get out of  the glow zone in like, don't blame anybody. Own it. Face, that. You know, if you can't blame  someone for introducing is happened, you are a sinner and you need the grace of God and  you need the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in this specific area, and forgive the stumbles.  Forgive yourself. I remember growing up, we had a young, younger couple in their 30s I was  like 13, 14, and both the husband and wife would talk a lot about sex, and had pornography  and and here I'm the kid next door and they had a child that, that I would be subtle, a little bit 

but they were ones to talk about sex a lot. And that affected me as well. So now, ultimately, to  relate to their fallen and broken people forgive them. Many of you have gone through abuse.  And it's unimaginable what you've gone through. But in the area of your sexual sin for healing, if there's a bitterness that area that you ultimately blame somebody else. Ultimately, the grace 

of God to saves you is the grace extended to them. So it starts out there. Secondly is now  restore your journey. How has God been working in this area of my life? What can I do to  continue to surrender this area for victory? II Timothy, II Corinthians 12:7, to keep me from  becoming conceited because of these surpassing great revelations or has given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me. Know in some ways, whatever God is bringing you through is for your advantage, both for your personal life, your marriage, if you're married, your ministry, because we in Christ can smile as we are being sanctified. Pornography is  dishonouring to your spouse, it is dishonouring to people that have been trafficked in it. It is  dishonouring to God and to be transparent about you don't want to be part of that. And if you  have fallen to look at pornography for instance, you reject it you go to the Lord asked  forgiveness in make this conversation. Be we're on these journeys and it's a different it's a  story of what God is doing. I believe when I first I just saw pornography. And throughout my  teenage years, it was very pleasurable. And I liked it. Now, the Lord has worked in my life, but today I don't like it. The Lord has worked in my life, where when I look at a pornographic  image now, I think that's an exploited person. That's the Holy Spirit, this put that in my mind. It doesn't make me better than anybody. When, when I am confronted in these areas in my  consciousness, I don't want this. Why? That is the work of God. Many of you have an  amazing story in it, and I'm not here to say that my story is this and go do it. Like how I  believe God is working on your story in this area, and to surrender that area in that story.  reorder your sexual dopamine exposures, detox from sinful dopamine, sexual dopamine  dependency, dejunk from sexual sinful sexual dopamine from your mind through intentionally  avoiding exposure, demyth the power of sexual temptation. What is sexual temptation? It is  the devil, trying to sell a better pleasure than the way God has set it up for your situation. In  somehow, we call this a destination disease, you know, if I married, oh, that could be a better  sexual experience. Or if I'm single, oh, that could be a sexual experience. But in the end,  demyth it, you are that rat, that's just making an idol out of something. And is this what you  want for your life? And ministry? Again, this is whether it's pornography, whether it's lusting  after someone else, whatever, that sexual piece, you have a dopamine responder, and you  could make anything into an idol? And are you going to do that? restore healthy sexual  dopamine responses? Well, first of all, to have a walk driven sexuality. Strive if you're married  to a sex positive marriage, apply moderation and sanctification and be very careful about your boundaries. So we're going to talk about that in the next presentation. But I wanted to just let  you know, give you a little idea of what we're going to talk about in terms of actual practical  solutions as you address your sexual dopamine responder, and to surrender to to the glory of  God.

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