Welcome back, we're going to talk now about how to restore a healthy sexual dopamine  response in four areas. And that is a walk driven sexuality, a sex positive marriage driven  sexuality, a moderation in sanctification, sexuality, and a boundary understanding of sexuality, and how these all relate. So if left up to the natural, not vividly influenced sexual dopamine  response, if left up to the natural outside of God, why are we even talking about this isn't all  pleasure good all the time. And what's bad is bad all the time. But a world view driven by the  word of God, and by God Himself, compels us to understand pleasure differently, and to train  that sexual dopamine responder to love that which glorifies God. So first of all, to love walking with the Lord, and to have this part of your narrative prayer narrative with the Lord, your  relationship as you pray, Lord, may the sexual piece of my person glorify You helped me to  not look lustfully at another woman helped me Lord, to when I'm connecting about  relationships, I don't look for pseudo intimacy helped me to never start a relationship with a  woman that could go and cross any barriers that would hurt my marriage. The woman my  ministry, you know, like all of this becomes part of your relationship and in and assume that I  remember Oh, Dr. Snapper is assuming myth that you know, some you could fall in this area.  Number two, by dopamine responder to be all about a sex positive marriage. Marriage should be honored by all in the marriage bed kept pure for God will judge the adulterer and all his  sextual immoral. I Corinthians 7:5 Do not deprive each other by by mutual consent and for  time, so you may Devote yourselves to prayer, then come together so that Satan will not  tempt you because of your lack of self control. Okay, so there's my appetite for sexuality is the marriage bed and pornography or other temptations that want to break that down? That's not  pleasurable. So we ask the Lord to have it well, marriage is the real deal. It's real flesh and  blood. In your mind, go through the benefits of marriage. And if you're in a marriage, be that  romantic partner for your spouse, be that sexual intimacy partner. Don't deprive each other.  Don't let Satan get a foothold. I mean, God made marriage as an institution to just really keep  us from the wrecking ball of unrequited pleasure that has no boundary to it. Moderation,  sanctification. Paul says in I Corinthians 6:12, Everything is permissible for me, but not  everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible, but I will not be mastered by anything. So  we don't want our dopamine responder to be mastered in Okay, imagine how many people  get sold a bill of goods in the area of sexuality, because the devil knows that the false  pleasures that the sexual response gives, can essentially make somebody like that dumb rat  who can't do anything else, but is given themselves to to just be a, you know, a victim of their  own responder instead of Paul says look at Don't be mastered by anything. You're saying no,  don't return to the life that you once lived. And ultimately, love boundaries. And don't consider  boundaries an evil thing I Corinthians 5:11, but I am writing to you they must not associate  with anyone to call themself a brother who is sexually immoral or greedy, or an adulterer or  slander or a drunkard or swindler they were such man do not even eat Nevertheless, I have  this against you tolerate the woman Jezebel, call yourself a prophetess. By her teaching she  must leads My servants into sexual immorality and eating the food sacrifice to idols, do not fall or don't trust your fallen depth dopamine responders this doesn't have to be this huge thing,  any different than any other. place with a sanctified power, the Holy Spirit is coming into your  life in so many ways. Ask the Lord, to help me welcome help you welcome those pleasures  that glorify you, you know, it's pleasurable to build a house, you know, it's pleasurable to build  a boundary about your sexual dopamine responder around is pleasurable. It's pleasurable to  work on your marriage, so that the sexual temptation is less, it's pleasurable to be mastered  by Jesus Christ. And so that's a greater pleasure. It's pleasurable to shut down the idol  creating factory of your heart. That's more pleasurable than all of the sexual temptations. You  know, Solomon, given all this wisdom, great king. But what stole his heart was, he was the  rat. In that area of sextual responders. He was the rat, he he his heart was turned away from 

the Lord, because an idol in this area got stronger than even all of his wisdom. So that's what  we're talking about is how do we ask the Lord through a walk with God, to change the  mindset of how we think about what is pleasurable and what is not? Next time we're gonna  get very practical, on how to have victory over sexual sin.

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