So here we are, this is the last presentation in this class, sexual intimacy, sexual intimacy  topics in ministry, all of this discussion today brought up to so many insights. You know, we've  seen in the class Professor Buezis and talking about a marriage and and sexual designed by  God. In marriage, we talked about issues in the church that she talked about, we even went to the Song of Songs, Song of Solomon, in the saw that there was erotic literature in the Bible  about marriage, sexuality. We've talked about how where the advances in sexual therapy  from a Christian perspective. In read many articles about this, we talked theologically about  the fall of humanity and and how God has gifted humans with sexuality. And we talked about  the various dimensions of growth in sexual identity. And then we talked about how the social  sciences, culture understand sexuality, in that was actually quite difficult to read all of that and to see how social sciences does not see sin the fallen. That Adam and Eve started in, we still  to this day struggle with the sinful nature. We also talked about pornography, and how the  steals that God created sexuality from humans. We talked about other sexual sin. And then  we talked about, you know, doing ministry, and in the last session talking about and  conducting meetings, and all of this to this whole subject, one of grace, and anyone who dare  any Christian, who dares to even get into the subject holding to a biblical and Christian  worldview. You know, one of the things we can do a friendly fire thing where we're, you know,  I didn't like that website, right and do this. And we get caught up in friendly fire, when we have a huge war that we're facing in getting to the other side on this, and by the Lordship of Jesus  Christ, the Savior ship, I mean, we are called to such a time as this because people are so  bankrupt in this area. And we have an opportunity to help and serve others. So if that's the  case, that we have the opportunity, why not start a marriage intimacy ministry, or a marriage  ministry, and maybe the intimacy is one of the pieces of that, or, or start a ministry biz that  gets into the subject. So they are sort of concluding presentation of the lecture, I want to talk  about just kind of expanding our minds, our hearts of what could be possible. So what we're  talking about here is really a world view driven ministry. For those interested in or curious  about the Christian worldview of marriage and family, we have resources that support your  interest I Peter 3:15. But in your hearts, set apart Christ as Lord, always be willing to give an  answer to everyone who asked you to give the reason for the hope you have, but do this with  gentleness and respect. I'm really blunt. If you just opened a a Christian sex store or Christian sexuality, or Christian marriage store , generally, many would have all kinds of triggers in the  community and like how can we even do it? Well, at the same time, there are all sorts of adult bookstores adult resources, adult this and that. Pornography. This whole billions of dollars of  industry. And in Yes, you know, people call it an adult. And overall, our society puts up with  that, in fact, many people and we find that the pornography industry is huge, and that people  across every spectrum of life, access all of these things and why, because these things relate  to so much of humanity, our sexual that our sexuality was hard wired in us. But on the other  hand, if you say, Christian sexuality, everyone would become totally allergic. If you talk about  how the body is created by God and it is good it people get to learn something about God, in  most people's minds who are in this world, if a pagan mindset about sexuality, they will be  almost offended. Now, that's one level. But there are ways at another level that we can  promote this worldview. I'm gonna go back to the slide here. For those interested in, in  curious about the Christian worldview of marriage, that sort of how I believe if you were called by God set up a minister in ministry biz, you would not come at it and say, like, you know,  we're the answer. People, for all of you sinners know, for those who want to grow in a  Christian understanding of this supported in a generally Christian worldview. I believe you'll  you'll get people who are not Christians, who would come to your store come in be interested  in your ministry. It's almost like, you know, we have such in our world, like, everything is so a  fetish. Now, you know, and and when you remember reading about this, when we say this in 

this class, there's fetishes, about this, fetishes about that. And the social scientist thinks it's all good, well, most of us, who are created by God, have the monogamy fetish. The one man,  one woman desire, sexuality that glorifies God. And I would say that monogamy is the bigger  piece than any, any specific fetish within there. If that the, quote, thing you do in sexuality, it's  the commitment and vow you make it what it gets in whatever in someone's marriage, they  respect and honor and feel loved through is what they do. And the worldview that is really  important that really matters. So if you were to set up a ministry, or a ministry biz for those  who want to practice monogamy, hot monogamy, marriage, long term marriage? What did the  community say to that? In fact, I believe you may start getting people curious about that,  discerning about what that could be. Like, go back to the slide again, for those interested in or curious about the Christian worldview on marriage and family. We have resources that  support your interest. First, Peter 315, put in your heart set apart Christ as Lord, always be  prepared to give an answer to everyone who asked you to give the reasons for the hope that  you have. But do this. Notice that last thing, gentleness and respect for those interested in the subject? So marriage topics, discerning your call? So maybe your call to do something in this  area, and there's this open door? You could have a matchmaking ministry. ministry because  maybe you're interested in new marriages. Maybe you're interested in officiating. And then in  your officiating, you do pre marriage counseling. Maybe there's general marriage ministry, and this is a real specific topic. Maybe there's sexual intimacy topics that are your calling to  address and maybe you want to do a website that addresses stuff like that. The marriage  coach, Minister, these are all callings. What do you feel in your heart? What is God placed in  your heart to help? Now remember, whatever you're curious and discerning journey is in this  calling you yourself are on that journey. So if you are called to a minister in areas of sexual  intimacy is your spouse with you on this? Are you curious learners and doers in the area of  sexual intimacy? Because you're to say, Oh, this is for you out there, but not for me a lot of  times you will become accused of being hypocritical, so many counselors and they're trained  on all the principles of conflict for the other person. But the counselor themselves are very  broken, and they won't admit it. We Christians will say, Yes, we admit that we're on a path. But one thing is essential. You are a curious learner and Doer yourself. Because it it comes  through it comes through in many, many, many ways. So the first thing is, what is your  calling? The second thing is get your training and credential. And that's what you're doing  here at Christian leaders Institute is specializing in marriage topic, and it's a benefit. And  what's fascinating about this is no one's into this. No one really even has studied hardly in a  community, even a Christian community. What what is a Christian marriage? What is sexual  intimacy within a Christian marriage? What is this all about? And if you open up a ministry, or  you're part of the ministry in the church, or you open the ministry, which we're talking about a  little bit, and you study, and then something else here, you actually represent a specific  worldview that you've studied. And you get credentials, you actually become a life coach,  Minister of marriage life coach, Minister of sexual intimacy, life coach, Minister, that that  somebody recognizes that this is what you do. That's powerful, because those types of  credentials are not out there. Yes, there are the, quote, sex therapists out there. And then  they've created a whole recognition society around people who don't generally invite God into  their practice. Now, that's not we practice ministry sciences around here. And if there is  someone who's trained in the best that science can do, and they're discerning, and they're  even a sex therapist from a Christian, monogamous worldview, praise the Lord. Our point is  not to say everything that can be learned, through like the general, Social Sciences,  Education is bad. When I was saying that there can be a lot learned. But for us, we would  rather have training around, not Masters and Johnson watching. Hundreds of people have  sex acts that they pay for, because basically the good guys and the good girl and others the 

Christian, again, I'm going full of judgmental, the Christian worldview, people are not going to  sign up for being observed doing sex acts. So instead, we want to be more about if we want  to research how that goes. We want to research people that are committed to monogamy, and that's very difficult to do. So what we have to do is be discerning learners in and we we can  find, as a curious learner and doer, we can find resources, and people who have advanced in  hot monogamy, you have the funding funds. To me, one of the cool parts, awesome things  about the Song of Songs is that it tells the actual stories of people who modeled for us a  biblical worldview. I believe that we have that kind if not Masters and Johnson. In their study  that we're interested in, in this area. It's believers in their journeys and in their testimonies,  and this is not something that is going to be made into some science. But on the other hand,  we very much welcome any believer with a worldview that can bring a curious learning and  discerning understanding in this area and the credentials, credentials show the community  that you are in the subject. Hebrews 13:4 marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept pure for God. I will judge the adultery and all the sexual sexually immoral. So how  about setting up a minister, a worldview ministry? And so let's talk about that. So let's say  you're called to create a marriage store in your community, a marriage and family store and  coffee shop. A wedding store operated by wedding officiants seeing the training here, or  wedding planners offering pure marriage and marriage ceremony services. What about a  theme, a marriage a theme coffee shop with matchmaking services? What about a marriage  ministry? Life Coaching? Minister practice? What about a marriage Ministry of marriage  websites? You know, I think we're on the ground floor of even an area of websites. And in the  early days is going to be more of they used to call a phrase the Wild West, you know like and  and there's going to be a whole diversity of things and Christians and in the monogamy  worldview, believers are going to be setting up various websites and they're gonna have  different sensitivities and some are going to be more like this and some are gonna be more  like that. But all of them. If we really believe in the marriage worldview, the hot monogamy  worldview, we respond to the call of God in a disparaging way as we're called to do it, go after it. And it means setting up a coffee shop and who knows what God can do by setting up a  marriage theme worldview. Ministry ministrybiz. So let's talk about ministry in your local  church, a marriage and family store in coffee shop, a bookstore and Resource Center  marriage mentors, creating a community officiant team, offer your church building for  weddings, matchmaking ministry imagine more ministry we're at a juncture. And this is a  juncture with a lot of possibilities. And we've gone through this whole class and we've seen  that this is not for the weak of me spiritually. This is for people who graciously will serve  people who love Jesus Christ, people who have a marriage monogamy view for sexuality. I  believe single need vibrant world marriage worldview, sexually glorifying God perspective. I  believe that those who have been jaded through going through divorce, who are just looking  for hope, can find hope in another worldview, not the world's worldview that basically is that  with so much pagan, sexual immorality, I believe that people who have been decimated even  Christians decimated by the injury of porn can see in a vibrant hot monogamy worldview and  marriage intimacy, a different perspective. And we do not have to be afraid or not confident  about this, in confidence, we see what this is and we see the very worldly perspective, pull at  us because we also are human. But we're confident that we're going for another mountain,  the Mount Zion, the mountain of grace the mountain of growing and being curious and  discerning the mountain of leadership, which is servant leadership. And in this subject, we go  forward. And I know this for some people is like a subject. We just don't talk about the subject. And yet the world is talking about it. And it's talking about it. And they have this like false  confidence and they're spending billions and billions and trillions of dollars promoting a  worldview that against the very creation of who we are. So you've gone through this class. 

You might have disagreed some with some things or agreed with other things. You might have had your buttons pushed For your triggers, posted some things and you learned other things.  However, you've come to this class and whatever you've learned through this class help bring it to prayer. And I'm going to close this class with prayer, officiating and opportunity that God  

may be glorified through you and me as we minister and keep that marriage bed pure. Let us  pray. All our we've gone through a class that we've seen so much. And we've learned and  curious learners and discerning learners. We've seen a whole spectrum of stuff on this  subject and it's as if the world has just had a heyday below give us enthusiasm for going  forward as ministers of your word in this subject. Help us to be gracious and kind, with respect and gentleness, but help us be firm. For those who are curious and interested in the subject  of God glorifying sexual intimacy. May those people be drawn to us as ministers, and to the  ministry, the ministry, website, all of those ways that we promote to God glorifying sexuality.  May your name be prayer. We pray this in Jesus name, amen. Again, I want to thank you for  taking this class and may God bless you as God lays on your heart. What this means for you  and the people you will impact

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