So today we're going to talk about the next way to lift someone else up. And  there's a very practical way, one that almost doesn't need to be mentioned. But it needs to be mentioned, because we often forget about it. And that is to offer  prayer and help. There's almost no better way to lift someone up than to lift them up in prayer. If you lift someone up in prayer, just that alone, is the discipline, the love, of lifting someone up. And with that is help. Let's go back to that slide. II  Corinthians 9:2, for I know your eagerness to help. And I had been boasting  about it to the Macedonian first, how he is modeling encouragement, telling  them that since last year, you in Achaia we're ready to give your enthusiasm has has stirred most of them to action. What's fascinating about this, is that this is  that time when there was prayer for the famine in Jerusalem, this is that time  when there is a gift that is going to be given. And we see Paul talking about  others positively about their sharing. But it was about help. You know, when,  when someone gives to Christian Leaders Ministries to Christian Leaders  Institute and the college, and this network is powerful encouragement, because  the staff of Christian leaders ministry is working hard every day. But when when  someone notices that they're supporting the giving of scholarships, and free  ministry, training and low cost credentials, it is so encouraging. You know, prayer is I want to go back to that real quickly before we end this session. Prayer is the  lifeline of encouragement for three reasons. First, when you pray for someone,  there person in presence, comes into your heart in your mind, and you  commune to God with that person in mind, and often the Holy Spirit, brings  something to your mind, on how, maybe there's something negative between  you and you need to forgive and, and you need to talk with them. But many  times it's something very positive. So that's, first of all the person comes into  your mind in prayer. Secondly, you can pray specifically for them. And I believe  God answers prayers, specifically for them. And the third thing is, is that it  changes your attitude about them, for you as a person. So when you lift  someone up in prayer, you begin loving them more. The very act of praying is a  powerful flame that creates in your heart, more love for them. Now, what about  someone who is someone who has really hurt you? You know, I've talked before about my second grade teacher. And it's interesting, through prayer later on in  life, I may share that she was very negative, but I had bitterness when I was  younger toward her. And now I realize that she had a difficult life and she  needed my prayers, I needed to forgive her. So, Prayer is a powerful thing,  when it comes to learning how to build others up. So, really, as we conclude this  teaching today, who comes to mind, that you need to pray for who comes to  mind that you need to spend an hour just reflecting on them, you know, we  talked about listening, active listening is reflecting on the other person. Active  prayer is also with God reflecting on another person, when you intercede for  somebody else, that has a powerful form of encouragement. So, there is a  spiritual dimension to encouragement, it is prayer, it is sharing with them, you 

know, I should mention one more thing, this concept of sharing with them.  Sometimes the, you know, sometimes the act of sharing is a powerful act as  well, where you share your food, or you share some money with someone, even somebody in your church and you notice something. All of those ways are  powerful in spiritual ways of lifting someone else up. Until next time, may God  grant you a prayer full engagement with someone who needs your  encouragement

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