So you've come to our last class in this mini course here at Christian leaders  network. And it's about ministry training, it's about being the leader God has  called you to be. And as we finish this class, we're gonna circle back around to  just a party encouragement. And that is to be physical, physical attention, hugs  and visitations. And God be with you till we meet again, warmth, Acts 20:36-38.  And when he has said this, he knelt down with all of them, notice that kneeling in that prayer, they all wept as they embraced him and kissed him, we'll get that  physical touch. But grieve the most was his statement, they would never see his face again, that's sight, there's proximity, and they walked with him to the ship.  You know, this is a strange day in many cultures right now, where people are  wearing masks often, if you see this still close to the pandemic, you'll see that  and you'll see people going through difficult paths where they don't want to  touch or hug. And then if you have this teaching, and then somebody takes it  wrong, and then then they cross wrong boundaries. It's as if Satan himself has  sort of just made everybody in their own little lonely world, in and separated from each other, in marriages, husbands are not giving physical attention to their  wives and wives, not physical attention to their husbands. And yet, as  Christians, to be appropriate, is to be physical. That you know, flesh and blood is Jesus flesh and blood was given for us to treat other women as sisters, but still,  you know, have an appropriate hug. That's not creepy or advancing to give eye  contact. That's warm feel there's something physical about eye contact, and the  people smart class, we talk all about eye contact, things like sticky eye contact,  so that people understand that you regard them that their existence matters. You know, this is a mini class mini course. So it's difficult to get into all the deep ways that some of all these principles can be understood. But it really is about love.  How do you encourage someone you love them? Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself. To love is to encourage to develop these encouragement skills to lift  others up means that they they are higher than you. Love keeps no record of  wrong, Love delights goodt. It really is about the word minister, to be great is to  be the least. So as we've gone through this entire class, this mini course, there  were many challenging points in this course. But it's all about positive change.  And I come to you to say that I don't have it all together, that we are in this  together. We ask the Holy Spirit to help us to become encouragers. These nine  encouragement are from the scripture. But it is about our heart is about our  behaviors, our actions. It's about an effort, blessed by the Holy Spirit. To lift  others up. To become an encourager to love is a very powerful witness for the  gospel. Throughout history, there are stories upon stories of the encouragers  like Barnabas, and like Paul, and then the early church like Gaius, who when  he's mentioned, he's talked about how he opened his home and hospitality and,  and the people of the church saw that. So what's going to be your legacy of  lifting others up? ministry training is many many things. But at its core, it's still  ministry. It is still saying, Lord, use me. I'm called to serve you. In May you be 

glorified as I learn how to lift, build others up in the wonderful faith of our Lord  Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for taking this little mini course. And maybe you want to take some more formal training, maybe some more mini courses as they are coming available. We ask that you share with some of your friends that are  in ministry or that are interested in ministry. May God bless you on your path as  you lift others up. 

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