Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Program Details

Overview: Considering ministry? Start by becoming a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant. This role provides foundational skills for various ministry roles and offers a comprehensive program covering Christian marriage, pre-wedding counseling, and ceremony planning. The 10-hour program also serves as an entry point to more advanced studies at the Christian Leaders Institute. (Note: You must submit one endorsement or gain level one endorsement into membership with the Christian Leaders Alliance)

Key Benefits:

  • Completing two courses gives you this credential with the Christian Leaders Alliance as a Licensed Wedding Officiant, opening doors to other ministry specializations. 
  • You will be recognized for performing wedding ceremonies in the United States and eligible to do so in more places in the world. 
  • You will get a quickstart to all the Minister Programs at Christian Leaders Alliance. All programs require clergy to be licensed as wedding officiants. 
  • This role is a micro-ministry role that exposes you to the seeds of all ministry. You learn to plan ministry meetings. You learn how to offer basic pre-marriage counseling. You will gain the skills to conduct the rehearsal and ceremony. In one role, you do the work of a minister. 
  • You will be eligible to register a Soul Center with the Christian Leaders Alliance.
Highly recommended as a first step, regardless of your long-term ministry goals. Enroll in the Wedding Officiant Skill Course to begin. Upon completion, you'll be prompted to get officially ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance. 

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Last modified: Thursday, September 7, 2023, 9:56 AM