We're back with another video for this course, coaching during the golden years, and you should have done your homework today asking the Lord, where do you  want to plant your seeds? asking the Lord? Where am I supposed to use my  time? Talent? Money if I have it? Where do you want me to use the rest of my  life. And we've been discussing a number of things going to meet up to find the  possibilities. A better source is to have the Lord instruct you as to where you  should go. And we also talked about when the student is ready, the master  arrives. So there's another situation where perhaps the Lord will send you  someone or introduce you to someone who introduces you to someone.  Whatever there are, you know, the Lord works in mysterious ways. So there's  number of ways that he will provide you with the task that he wants you to work  in. Today, I want to talk a little bit about theme. Now, every story has a theme.  Jesus was a savior, his theme was salvation, redemption. You may have you a  doctor, you may say, has a theme for healing. A philanthropist may have a  theme for giving. So what I'd like you to start thinking about is when you look at  your time and talent and your life in general, this does it kind of lend to a theme.  In a book that I wrote our storied lives I asked that question about, if your life  was or life is rather a story. That's why use the word was if it was a story, but  think of your life as a story. And if your life is a story, well, then it has a plot from  beginning to end, you know where it starts where you go, but it also must have a theme. What is the theme of your story? Now, my last 20 years have been  teaching. So you could say that the theme of my life for the last 20 years has  been teaching. What's been the theme of your life? What have you What's that  one word that would describe who you are. In terms of a theme. Like Jesus is  Savior. His theme is salvation. We may have saints that did healing. And their  theme would be healing. We have a truck driver whose theme may be  transportation. A journalist information. So we have different themes that are part of what and who you are. But generally you have one major theme, you could  have several minor themes. But generally, you have a theme. So I'd like you to  spend some time thinking about what that one word is because that also will  provide you give you insight as to what your task now is in your golden years.  And it also tells you what you seed is if you are going to label your seed, Apple  seed tomato seed, pumpkin seed, healing seed, teaching seed, writing seed,  pray praying seed, hospitality seed. See what I'm saying giving your seed a  name a specific theme, a specific name for your seed. So that if you're seed, for  example, is hospitality. Well then wouldn't you be doing hospitable things with  your home, I have a friend, Larry, who often opens his home to people that are  at at the moment, don't have a place to stay. So he provides them with a place  and helps them find a location where they can live. And he does that on a  regular basis. There's always someone moving in and moving out of his home.  Him and his wife are wonderful that way. So they have the theme of hospital  hospitality. Label your seed. Mine is easily big teaching. But now what's my 

crop? If I'm, if my seed is teaching, what is my crop? What does my crop look  like? Is my crop looking like a lot of learners or should my crop be, that I've  produced a lot of teachers, people that can duplicate my, my seed, people who  are like my seed and have the similar seed that they plant Barnabas, and Paul  spread the gospel. And they taught Timothy and Mark and Luke, who spread the gospel. So they taught them and then they taught others. So how your theme,  your time, talent, and money if you can share it should produce a crop that is  similar to the theme the seed you're set planting. So I'm saying so if your seed is teaching, welll your crop is not going to be healing. And if your crop is healing,  you're certainly not going to have crops of teachers. So the idea is labeling your  seed, that one word, labeling your seed, so you know what your seed is Apple  seed, tomato seed, pumpkin seed, whatever seed and then what would the crop look like? Well, if I planted tomato seed, I should have tomato plants. Well, lots  of tomatoes, who have seeds in them. And I could take those seeds and now I  have even more seeds to plant even more tomato plants. Multiplication. So your  talent, your time should be producing a harvest that is similar to the one you are. The Bible says something in Genesis about after their own kind that the animals  and the plants produce after their own kind. They multiply after their own kind. A  dog when it multiplies doesn't have cats. Cats when they multiply don't have  birds. A pumpkin plant doesn't produce apple trees. So what's your theme?  What's the one word that you could label your seed now the idea of a theme  also helps us in thinking about our audience who can benefit from our theme  who Who would be a good recipient of our theme? Our audience? For example,  if I write books about murder mysteries, and people want to read, Comedy,  Romance comedy, are they going to pick up my book? No. People who are  going to read a detective mystery are people who are interested in that kind of a  story. People who will pick up adventure fantasies, or that's what they would  read, because that's what they like. So if you're going to write a serious drama,  murder mystery, and hope that a person who likes sci fi fiction is not going to  buy your book, they're going to look at it and put it back on the shelf, because  it's not what they want. So you see, knowing your theme, also benefits. Who  would like more than likely benefit from it? So that gives us another way of  saying, okay, you know, this is my theme. This is my seed. This is the type of  crop I want to produce. This is the type of crop that I'd like to see them  reproduce again. Where would I find that audience? Where would I find those  people who would want to benefit from the seeds that I have? Who would want  to be the soil for my seed? Now, that's another reason why we need to be  asking the Holy Spirit to help us with these revelations, asking the Holy Spirit to  tell you what your theme is, because you may be doing one type of work all your life and now you're retired. And the the theme that you did as you were retired,  working, isn't the theme that the Lord has for you now that you're retired.  Because remember, we talked about you might be at a job you didn't really like 

but you had a hobby, well, is the hobby. Is there something in the hobby that's  your theme? Is there something in the job that you did that you didn't like, really  is a theme may be the job that you work that for 20 years, and you were good at what you did real really like it meant that you had a theme of resistance,  overcoming fortitude, resilience, themes, that strength, that patience that  allowed you to get through that job you weren't really crazy about. And maybe  there are people who could use that knowledge that you have to help them in  their jobs that they don't like. Your story, your seed of patience may be able to  help someone have patience, also. And this is why it's important to ask the Holy  Spirit to give you the discernment and to reveal what it is that your seed is  specifically, what is the theme of your seed? If you were going to label it, what  label would it have? What would you call it again? Is it an apple seed I'm using  I'm using those as examples. Is it that orange seed? Is it a fig seed? Is it a  pineapple seed? See, they're all fruit. But which one? So you don't want to say  my theme is fruit. Because now which which one? You see how it's got to be  specific. It has to really pinpoint the type of seed that you have that you want to  be able to share with someone who's then going to reproduce that seed in their  life to it for a crop for them. It's sort of like you're a farmer who grows corn. And  another farmer in the area wants to grow corn but they never grew corn before.  So they come to you and they say farmer I'm thinking about growing corn. What  do you? What kind of seeds do you use? How often do you water? What's the  type of soil so you see you helping them with the same type of seed. And this is  what you want to try to do with your time, and your talent and your money. Even  your money, where do you want your money to go? If, if you're like that, my  friend, the publisher, he publishes books, the money goes to help children that  have autism, so that they can learn better, kind of related. But that's money use  for money, the, to buy things or to use people to teach things. But it came out of  a source where people read and learn something. How do you want to use your  money? Your theme, your money could have a theme. Your talent can have a  theme. Your life has a theme, hopefully, all three are the same theme. That's  what you're trying to locate. That's what you're trying to figure out. What is my  theme? Right now, at this point in time in my life in my golden years? It may not  be the same theme when you were 20 or 30 or 40. What is your theme now?  Ask the Lord, to reveal to you what he wants your theme to be what he wants  you to label your seed. So that you can start thinking about a harvest that's  related to that seed. If I write books, I want people to read the book. So what am I looking for? Readers, my crop, I want my crop to be readers. I don't want my  crop. Now you some authors or people might think that my crop is to have  millions of books sold. I want people reading the book. If the people read the  book, obviously, they had to pick it up to read it. But so what's the bigger?  What's the better seed? The better seed is that they share the knowledge that  you put into the book, because that's the real seed was the knowledge that you 

had. And the writing is your voice you're speaking the knowledge. So you're  sharing the knowledge, the book is just the means for you to deliver it. You say?  So what's your theme? I want you to think about what is your particular theme  for your golden years? So there you have it. What is the name, the label the  theme for your talent, your time, your life? Money, if you can add to it? What is  the theme for your seed? What is the theme for your seed? What is the name of  your seed? What is the labeling of your seed so that you know what the crop is  going to be because your seed equals your crop. Your seed produces the crop.  And that's what you need to know, what is your seed, give it a name, so that you know what the crop is going to be what you're working for, in terms of your crop.  And that's your homework. Now, we've already this is the eighth video, and I  hope that you're actually spending some time in between the videos to kind of  do the homework to kind of pray to kind of meditate. Now some cases it might  come quickly a day. Some cases it might take a few more days, but take the  time to really pray and meditate, what the Lord is trying to tell you about your  golden years and what your theme is, and what the name of your seed is, so  that you know what the crop will be. And that's your homework. Until next time.  God bless

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