Hi, we're back with our ninth video for the golden years coaching session  course. And today, we're going to talk about gates. That's right, gates. Because  you see a gate is something that either keeps somebody out or opens to let  someone in. And now we've come to that part of the program, where you should  know what your talent is, you know, you have time because you're retired.  Maybe you have some finances, and you've been doing your homework, and  you've been praying, listening to the Holy Spirit provide you with some direction  as to where he wants you to go. And today, I want to present to you seven  gates, that the Christian community has probably more than likely just kind of  like opened it up and is letting anybody in. And that's causing a lot of problems.  And what are those seven gates? Well, there's the one of counsel there's one  for moral law. There's a gate for social services. There's a gate for education.  There's a gate for government, there's a gate for finances. And there's a gate for the media, and entertainment, which includes our radio, books, the internet, all  sorts of things. And we're going to be talking about those gates in a little bit and  a little bit of a detail. So you get an idea. What I'm talking about here is that we  need to stand up and start closing these gates, to those who are looking to  break through and destroy what's on the inner side of the gate. Because we  have to be gatekeepers, as well, we're to protect those gates, we're to make  sure that we're not letting people in who will destroy what is on the other side of  that gate. Now you could see that I'm using an image right now that I'm standing or sitting. But in one way or another, I'm blocking the gate. And when you read in Genesis, where Lot is sitting when the Lord and the angels come to Sodom and  Gomorrah, he's sitting at a gate in Sodom and that's where he meets the Lord  and the angels at the gate as a gatekeeper, now today we have doormen, we  have guards, consiglieres different types of people who in a building or even at  someplace where there's actually a gate and maybe a little place for the guard  to be in in case of bad weather. Like a friend of mine, who is a security guard at  one of the universities. That's exactly what he does. So here I am giving you an  image that I'm in front of this gate. And I'm not gonna just let anybody in. I'm not  see and that's what's missing. In today's churches, today's churches have pretty  much alienated men. It's right, we've alienated men. We've made Christianity be a soft, compassionate loving tender thing. Which is not nothing wrong with that.  But we've taken out the masculinity, we've taken out the things of courage,  we've taken out the things of standing fast for our beliefs, we've taken out those  guards against the wickedness. And the wickedness is going to try to enter into  our seven gates. And I'm going to start with the fourth one, I'm going to start with education. We have allowed as Christians, for them to remove prayer from  church from, excuse me from schools. Today, however we read, that Muslim  students are able to pray during certain hours of their school, school, period.  Well, wait a minute, you took prayer out of school for Christians, but now you're  letting it in for Muslims. And we're not doing anything about it. You see, I'm 

saying, so we opened the gate to let wickedness in. We didn't say, Oh, hold on a minute. No, these are our kids, our kids are going to be taught in a specific way.  So we've allowed that what else have we allowed? We have allowed for  education, to indirectly claim that the Bible is a myth? Because after all, we all  know that evolution is where man came from. We're all just evolved gorillas,  primates, everything evolved, when in fact, there's really no scientific, actual  evidence to the whole theory. Big Bang, and you know, the statement about a  big bang and came from a Duke, or a baron in England, who was actually  making fun of the theory. He says, Oh, what are you going to say it was a big  bang, when the reality is, there is no bang in outer space, because there is no  sound. So you don't get a bang, you get a flash. Ah, there was a flash, there was light. The Bible says there was light doesn't say there was sound. So you see,  we've allowed people to enter into our gate, and educate our children incorrectly, without doing anything about it. Now, I don't know about you. But I know from  from, from myself, that eight years of elementary and four years of high school,  and in that whole 12 years of education, I only met there was only one Jewish  boy in public school. What does that tell you? They don't want their kids  educated with the nonsense. That's what it tells you. So why are we allowing  that to happen to our children? So we've opened the gate, to let education do  whatever it pleases teach evolution, making the Bible to be a myth. Therefore,  there is no 10 commandments. And that secular humanism, you whatever feels  good is okay. That's what we've done. So here we are. We're retired. We're  seniors. We need to start closing the gate. We need to stand in front of that gate and start making sure that young people are in line with the real education with  God given Reggio education. So if you have a talent that you could be sharing  with younger people, in a Christian way, you're, you're closing that gate to  anyone who is going to try to demoralize our young people. And you're opening  the gate for Christian values and Christian education. So think about that. Think  about your time, your talent, your gift, your money. What are you doing? Your  Life? Are you standing guard? Or are you just letting anybody in? Are you  standing guard and say no, wait a minute, that's wrong? Are you helping young  people to know the truth? So we need more guard keepers, more gatekeepers,  more guards at the gate to to instruct our children with Christian values. So they  grow up to be righteous individuals who then in turn, do the same for their young people. Now let's take a look at number seven. This is another deadly broken  gate, or a gate without a gatekeeper that swung wide open. And that's the one  that deals with the media and entertainment. Because you see, that's where the  media is the voice of Satan. Using propaganda to fill our young people with all  sorts of forms of immorality, and making it sound like it's okay. When we see  Disney making a cartoon film, and have to have two males kissing, we have a  problem. Because cartoons are targeted for the youth, for children. What are  they trying to tell our kids? What's the message they want to send our children? 

This is okay. When we have music, with lyrics that express nothing but sex and  violence, we have a problem. When we have movies that killing violence is like  the norm. We have a problem. We have TV shows called the Modern Family.  And, and it's made up of alternate lifestyles, we have a problem because that's  on primetime TV. There's over 1000 channels now, when you order you know  your cable one more corrupt than the other. We need to put a halt to this. Now.  Here's what annoys me. You get a guy and I'm gonna mention him. Kenneth  Copeland this minister is worth $760 million now, I don't know why you need that much money. But anyway, he's got $760 million. Does he produce Christian  based movies? Does he produce a Christian based TV shack channel? All these very, very wealthy administers with all their wealth. Why aren't they producing  you music? TV shows movies. Create a TV channel for Christian material.  primetime. Where's our gatekeepers in entertainment? What are we feeding our  children all the time. Now if you know anything about hypnosis you know that  they can hypnotize somebody plant the suggestion and then if the recipient of  that is already geared to do something like that, you can make somebody do  something. Okay, there is a thing called covert hypnosis and it was developed  way back even during, you know, Hitler's day, but it really got interesting with  drive in movie theaters, drive in movie theaters, what they were doing was back  with days of film, every so often in the film, they would, they would put it, they  would splice the film and put a picture of a hot dog or a soda. And then they  would put, you know, and then they and there might be maybe 100 of those  pictures throughout the film, but your, your, your eye watching the film, you didn't really see it. However, your mind did, because it was so quick. So it was  subliminal. And they found that when they did that, they can actually increase  the sales of hotdogs and soda. It became outlawed. But they couldn't do that  anymore. But they learned a lot about advertising. Notice how often they  bombard you with the same advertising, the same advertising the same  advertising over and over and over again. Until actors now like Flo, the  character Flo for progressive is like a household word. Everybody knows who  Flo is. So you see, you're being bombarded with messages all day long. So now isn't that what they're doing with the media? Look at how the media, every single news outlet is against Donald Trump. They all have a fake story. And they share  the same fake story over and over and over again. Why? Because they want to  ruin the guy. They did that with Sarah Palin. They made her look like some evil  woman over and over and over again. So the media is dangerous. If we allow  the gate to stay open. We need to do something. See now if those wealthy  ministers started producing Christian based films. And I'm not talking about lily white films, I'm talking about films where we actually see criminals coming to  Christ, real stories. And there are some like that. But the problem is they're few  and far between. We need more really good Christian based films. For the  audience, for children to see these guys with all their wealth, that's what they 

should be doing. They're in a position to be terrific. Gatekeepers saying no.  Because if they were to produce that stuff, what do you think Hollywood have  would have to do? If suddenly nobody was going to see their movies? They'd  have to change their format, wouldn't they? Well, that's if you're in a position. If  you're if you're in a position where you do have some financing. If you're in the  predict for position where you were involved in advertising, in marketing, and  you have a few dollars, and you, you can do that maybe you have a bunch of  friends, maybe your church is wealthy, maybe you could get somebody in the  church to say, Hey, listen, why don't we produce a film? Why don't we start  doing something like that? Why don't we create a TV show network? If you have the time and the talent and the funds to be in that position? I would say go for it.  Now there we just went over two of the big ones there. There are others that are just as big but education and entertainment are focused on our youth. And that's why I wanted to emphasize those two first, because we really need to be more  on guard for our children. We really need to keep the gate closed for immoral  teaching, immoral education, immoral, entertainment, immoral media  information, because that's all goes towards brainwashing our children. Yeah,  and I'm gonna use that word, brainwashing our children. It's a form of  indoctrination, because the powers that be, don't want Christians believing. And  it's been that way for 2000 years. Let's face it, they didn't want Christ. So they  had Him crucified. And they've been crucifying, martyring, killing, distorting  minds for a very long time, and we need to put a halt to it. We need to say  enough. We need to stand up and be soldiers for Christ and guard the gate, like  just like the way sentries do. Put on your armor, as Paul mentioned in Ephesians 8, and guard that gate from wickedness and train those that would benefit from  righteousness. And let those in. That's what we're supposed to do. As coaches,  especially those of us in our golden years, who are retired, we have talent. We  have time. Some of us have money. We have education. We live a life. We've  been Christians for maybe all our lives or majority of our lives, and we have a lot to share. So for homework, I want you to start thinking about how are you going  to guard that gate? Do you have the time and the talent for those two gates?  Now some of you may not but we got five more gates. But if you have, if you  have a talent and the time and funds to guard those two gates, then by all  means, do so. And God bless. Until next time

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