Welcome back. And this is the golden years. Coaching badge. Class. And this is  session number 10. And I am we're gonna call this one gates two, because  we're talking about gates. And a gate is something that lets people in or keeps  them out. A synonym also could be used here for gates is strongholds. And  there's is at least 100 verses in scripture in the Bible, you can look them up, you  can just Google strongholds. And there you go. And then you can read them,  there's 100 of them. And basically, what they are is basically a military term,  where a stronghold is where you have your strongest military unit, guarding  something, and you're not gonna let anybody take that position. That's a  stronghold. So a gate is sort of like the same thing. In that a stronghold is that  the gate, something that's going to protect that gate from invasion. And we know from Paul, that the enemy is from the spiritual realm. So we really need a strong  hold at our gate, and we talked about education, and the media, films, art,  music, and how they can corrupt the minds of our young. And today, I want to  touch on three, other of the seven, and that's counseling, social services, and  finance. Now, when we look at finance, if you think about it, you can't produce  films, you can't teach. You're not able to really counsel Well, you're not really  able to provide social services. If you don't have finance. My father used to say,  with a smile on his face. Without money, there's no love. Now, you might argue  with him about that statement, you know, oh, no, that's not true. You got to love  and money and two different things. But you have to understand where he's  coming from. See, he was coming from the point. And I'm gonna explain that in  a second. That without money, you're not going on a date. Without money, you  can't wine and dine. Without money. You can't show your prospective, beloved,  a good time. So that's why he was saying, without money, there's no love.  Because she's gonna What if she got to see you as young men? I'm speaking to the men now. How is that young lady going to see you, she's going to see you  as cheap. Unable to provide. So money is important for life. Because without  money, unless you're a hunter and you, you can kill your own meal every day,  you have to buy food. And during this pandemic, it seemed like toilet paper  became a very interesting commodity that everybody suddenly wanted. And you can't get the toilet paper unless you got money. So we're looking at finances,  social services, and counseling as gates that we as Christians need to hold.  Now. When we look at the Jewish community, and we see how they were  dispersed throughout many nations, and in middle medieval Europe, they were  not allowed to own property. They weren't allowed to do this that the other thing  so they became merchants and as merchants, people would buy I their goods.  And as a result of buying their goods, they accumulated money. And as they  accumulated money, they were able to lend it and earn more money. And one of  the reasons why a lot of the non Jewish community would do business with the  Jewish community is because if they bought something from a Jewish merchant, let's say, in Venice, and they wanted to get it to Rome, while he already had a, 

as we say, in Italian paisan, you already had a fellow Jewish merchant in Rome, who would accept the goods. So they knew that if they brought it to this Jewish  merchant, he would then ship it to his Jewish merchant, who would then get it to where they wanted it to go safely. And as a result, they built wealth. And  because they had wealth in terms of dollars, they were able to then finance,  education, finance art, but they were also able to provide social services, so that if a fellow Jew was poor, they would help help that Jewish person to get on his  feet. maybe help them with a trade, but they would help them. And that's social  services. It they also provided counseling. Because they were able to use their  finances in these areas. And that's what made the Jewish people prosperous.  And they continue to use the same strategies and formats that they did back  then where and how did they learn these strategies, while they learn the  strategies from their Talmud, the Talmud is sort of a collection of thoughts by  rabbis who wrote these things down in a book way back in when they were  exiled to Babylon. To provide clarification to what the Scriptures said. And it  taught them all sorts of things, on their religious life, how they were to eat, how  they were to work, how they were to help each other how they were to finance  opportunities. So they did all these things. And it all came out of Believe it or not, capitalism, all comes out of the Jewish Talmud. We Gentiles, we Christians, we  learn some of that from them. However, since we don't study the Talmud, we  never really get the whole gist of the thing. And that's why today, here we are in  this course, were seniors were retired, we have accumulated this knowledge of  how to use our talent and time and money. But we need to be able to do the  very same thing. teach our young people how to use their finances, in order to  improve finances, and how to use the finances that we earn, in a way that helps  the Christian community in social services and in counseling, education, and  entertainment. One other aspect that we need to consider and why we need a  gate at finances is because we need to make sure that we're investing money  wisely, that we're not going to be taken in by some quick get rich scheme. We're  not going to put all our eggs in one basket that's very risky. So we really need to  study and learn how to finance or how to use our money. Now, some of you out  there who are retired. You may have been in the finance business, you may  have been in the banking business, maybe you accumulated some money on  Wall Street. So you're familiar with the mechanism of finance And you could be  training coaching young people on how to manage their money more efficiently.  And also, more importantly, you know, how to recognize the shyster how to  recognize the guy who's going to scam them into losing their money. Also, you  know, part of this is, let's earn the money, honestly. And where can we earn  money? Honestly, how can we invest our money, honestly, so that we have an  honest return? So we want to be able to share this knowledge with young  people so that they can become financially secure, and prosperous. But one 

other thing I'd like to make mention here about finances is that what is it that you need in terms of finances? How much do you need, and what is really enough  money to have a comfortable lifestyle? You know, you talk to a billionaire. And  he might think that a millionaire is in poverty. Or a multimillionaire, who's talking  to somebody who has multiple has hundreds of 1000s. And he's poor. So, you  know, we need to understand the perspective of what is enough money to live a  comfortable life. And we need to be able to teach that to our young people. So  those of you who are and have been in the finance area, being able to coach  these people, these young people on how to be financially savvy, so that they  can be teaching others to be financially savvy. And in doing so, understand that  scripture says, and I'm going to paraphrase it, that the the person who gives  also is the same person that receives and the one who holds on tight, loses  even what he has. So the Lord wants us to be able to be generous, as He is  Generous with us. And I mentioned the Talmud before, but the Talmud gets most of those ideas on finance, from the Bible, so we really need to look at scripture  and see exactly what the Scripture tells us about prosperity, and how to be  prosperous. And one of those things is not being stingy. Helping other people.  As I mentioned, one of the things that the Jewish people did while they were  scattered, was they helped each other. We Christians, do we help each other?  Do we provide social services out of the church, and I'm not talking about, you  know, having a meal once a month, for I'm talking about helping people get off  the ground, get back on their feet, I should say, and be able to work and earn a  living, learn how to invest money, so forth and so on. I was reading something  about rabbis, when they go to school, unlike our ministers, they're actually  taught how to invest money. So that when they have when they're working in  their synagogues, and they're talking to their membership, that they're not only  able to speak about the Lord, but they're also able to counsel them on how to  become financially prosperous. Our churches don't do that. Our ministers are  not taught that way. So we seniors, retirees, in our golden years now, we should  be able to take that knowledge that we have and train young people and also be training potential ministers, priests to do the same thing with the church. That so  that a Church doesn't necessarily rely on you know, tithes. And let's think of it  this way, supposing you have a church, and the church congregation only  makes $10,000 a month. So what's 10% of that? 1000? Well, what if you  managed to get your congregation earning a million, then tithing, 10% is  100,000. So instead of asking for more money, you train them how to earn more  money, so they can give more money now, isn't that what we should be doing?  As Christians in our golden years, helping young people, young ministers, future pastors on how to do these things. So that we can provide for counseling,  teaching people counseling them, whether whatever the situation may be,  marriages may be on the rocks, because they're not, because they're, they're  poor, and they're struggling, and now their relationship is, is in turmoil. 

Counseling, so that someone who's lost their job how to find another job and or  maybe change careers, services, social services, someone is ill can't work. So  now we help them out to get them back on their feet, and provide them with  whatever they need elderly the same thing. But that all comes from being able to do what? generate money, prosperity, but we have to be able to teach those  fundamentals on how to earn money. Now one of the things that I did teaching at a university, and I was teaching public speaking, which really had nothing to do  with this, but I taught it through I taught public speaking through this concept.  And that concept was, find a problem and solve it. If someone else is working on the same problem, and they were and they're solving it, can you solve it? 10%?  Better? There's lots of vacuum cleaners out there. And there's lots of cars. Can  you make one a little better? A little more gas, mileage? A little whatever? Same  thing and anything? Okay? Can you make a computer run better? Can you  make a better application, solve the problem, find a problem and solve it. And  when you do that, you now have a vehicle to earn money. And by earning  money, you're able to provide for those services. So we need to teach our young people, we need to be able to coach our young people to do these things. So  you can see now that all these gates inter react with one another. Finance is  very, very important. Because without it you can't have love as my dad would  say, meaning you can't take the girl on a date. Young ladies, you can't buy a new pair of shoes to go on the date. You can't go to the beauty parlor to get your hair  done. So you look real pretty on the date. So we need finances, to be able to do  certain things. And the things that we're looking to do with our finances is we  want to make sure that we're counseling young people. We're counseling our  children properly. We're providing them, those that need it with social services,  whether they're unemployed, whether they're sickly, whatever the case,  whatever their need is, we need to provide funds for the right kind of education  that teaches people how to manage money, earn money, make money, solve  problems, in order to be prosperous, to do the other things. We need financing,  to be able to produce the right kind of music, art and movies that are spiritually  beneficial to everyone. That's why finances is important. So we need it for  counseling, social services. We need it for education. We need it for  entertainment. So finances is very important. And we're also going to see that  finance is also very important for the last two gates, moral law and government,  moral law and government. Now we're going to discuss those two in our next  video, but in the meantime, your homework is to think about these gates. How  can you be a stronghold in those gates? Hows does your time, talent and money and life energy can provide and be a steward a coach, a mentor for others, so  that this so that they can fortify and strengthen those gates to make them  strongholds against the enemy. Until next time, God Bless

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