Welcome back to coaching in the golden years. And this is our final video for this course. And we're going to be dealing with volunteering. Because if you're going to be coaching, you're gonna have to volunteer, or find some means to be able  to do that. So we've quote, talked about talent, time, money, three things that  God gives you time, talent, and hopefully, prosperity, money. We've talked about the seven gates that we're to protect, that we're to keep the enemy out, and the  righteous in. So we're to protect those gates, by being sentries guards, to  protect the gates, of those seven qualities that we need to be able to pass down  to younger generations, what we have learned, mastered and performed  throughout our life. And today, I want to talk about volunteering, where you going to go? Well, once you have a good idea, and the Lord has given you the Holy  Spirit has given you some insights as to how he wants you to use the time,  talent and money that he's given you. The next step is to do a search. Go on  Google, and start looking at organizations that are looking for volunteers. And  there's lots of different organizations that look for people who have a talent and  some time to invest in helping either young people. People of all ages, business, young people starting a business, regardless, there's all different types of  volunteer programs that you could help people help others. There are believers  called the SMART program, where they look for volunteers who have skills in  marketing strategy, business people, those individuals who have retired and has done startups. So there's organizations that look for that type of individual who  wants to help. Obviously, there's other types, there's types of organizations that  deal with the sickly, the elderly, maybe you have hospitality skills, or you just  want to be involved in that. And you would like to work in that area. There are  programs for the youth, disadvantaged, disadvantaged children, who could use  guidance and instruction. So there's various places where you could go to take a look, look at their program, look at their requirements, look at the qualifications  they're looking for. And if you're a match, and you're interested, well, you might  have a place where you can use your time, talent, money if you have some to  help others. You know, when you do this research, on volunteering, you may  even find that some areas will actually maybe even have a paycheck. Not many, but some. You may also find that there are opportunities away from where you  live, and you may want to visit some place, do something and come back. Treat  it like as a vacation so that you can get away help some people and come and  return home. So there are different types of situations that you could get  involved in that you would enjoy, that you would feel fulfilled in doing and  providing some type of benefit for someone in need in some area. And that's  what you could be doing. So now that we've gone through this whole entire  program, we've come to that point where, okay, now it's time to find a venue.  Now it's time to find a place where we can, excuse me do that kind of coaching,  volunteering, that we would enjoy doing. You may also, as you recall, go to meet up and you might find small groups of meetups that are also involved in doing 

some type of reach out some type of program to help individuals, whether  they're young, middle aged, young adults, old adults, whatever, to be able to do  something and help others. Because the bottom line, we have the time, we have the talent. And God is going to ask us, what did you do with the time and talent  that you had, that I gave you, he wants us to do something, he wants us to go  out there and share what we have. And in doing that, we're sharing our love, our love for what we do a love for helping others to be able to discover and love the  same thing. So it's a win win situation. So take a look, start doing the homework, start doing the research on what you may like to do with the rest of your life.  Now there is going to be a little exam at the end of this course, just so to kind of  like remind you of the things that we've done and spoke about during the  course, you may want to go back and listen to the videos. Maybe write some  notes, if you haven't already. So that you can really you know, lock in to what  your time talent and talent really is like, as we discussed, you may have been  working in a job all your life that you didn't really like and that you had a talent,  you weren't able to use it. Or maybe you had a hobby. But in either case, you  may have a wonderful gift that God's given you that you can use now, for others. So take the time and really start to look at the various volunteer programs  available. You may even want to create a program. Let's say you have  knowledge of a specific problem in your community. And you have a solution for  that problem because it fits in with the talent that you have. And God's given you the wisdom and the discernment to say, Hey, I got this talent and this gift. And  here's a problem that I could easily solve for people in the community. That's  another opportunity for you, you could actually be someone who creates a  volunteer program and incorporates other people to help you remember the law  of surgency. Numbers, Jesus had 12 apostles. So you may want to start your  own program, if you have the gift and the talent and the knowledge to do so.  And if you're being inspired by a Holy Spirit to do so. So there's multiple  opportunities, multiple places that you can go to research and look to volunteer  so that you could be a coach in the golden years. It's been a pleasure to share  my knowledge with you. You now have your last homework assignment to start  looking for a place to volunteer, review the material because there is going to be a little a little quizzy of an exam for you just so that you know that you have  retained the information so God bless you and your search God bless you and  your opportunities to volunteer Amen

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