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  • Coaching Minister Recognition and Certification Class (1 Credit)

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    Coaching Minister Recognition Certification Course (12 Credit)

    Teaching Staff: Steve Elzinga and Henry Reyenga Volunteer Teacher Assistant: Della Cash - lifecoachingsupport@christianleaders.net


    Are you called to be a coaching minister? Do you like to help people thrive in their lives and their relationships with God? Do you get satisfaction when others do well?  

    The Coaching Minister program is for those called to help people discern and develop goals to overcome obstacles and glorify God in their lives. Coaching is not pastoral care or counseling, but some of those elements come into play. Coaching ministers learn core coaching practices and core ministry skills.

    Coaching ministers may be called to serve in a local church or a local coaching minister practice or ministry biz. The coaching minister program can be specialized with all the specialization options. This program can be completed in two to four months of consistent part-time study. You will need two endorsements for this program.

    The Coaching Minister program has been designed to be affordable and accessible to as many Christian leaders as possible. This is a clergy grade program that gives you confidentiality protections as a credentialled minister. 

    For you to be enrolled in this course you must complete the Coaching Minister Role program. This is your final certification course. 

    Core Coaching Minister Clergy Requirements

    • Ministry Calling and Confidence (1 Credit)
    • The 101 – Introduction to Christian Doctrine (3 Credits)
    • Life Coaching Ministry (3 Credits)
    • Min 100 – Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)
    • Life Coach Minister Certification Class (1 Credit)
    • Influence Smart (1 Credit)
    • Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Credits)
    • Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 Credit)
    • Coaching Ministry Part 2 – Semi and Directive Approach  (1 credit)
    • Total Credits 16

    Mini-Courses: (6 Mini-courses)

    • Essential Philosophy (0 Cr)
    • Critical Grace Theory (0 Cr)
    • How to be Interesting (0 Cr)
    • Leading Bible Studies (0 Cr)
    • Basic Ministry Speaking (0 Cr)
    • Overview of Mental Health Integration (0 Cr)

    Certification Course Outcomes

    • Learn the characteristics of a coaching life coach minister. 
    • Receive two endorsements that you exhibit the characteristics of a minister from those who have observed your life.
    • Understand the difference between pastoral care and coaching.
    • Learn Life Coaching techniques through modeled role-playing presentations with Abby Reyenga, Rev. Henry Reyenga, and Rev. Steve Elzinga.
    • Learn essential Coaching Tips inspired by the late Rich DeVos. 
    • Pass a comprehensive Life Coaching Ministry Exam.
    • Update your profile as a Life Coach Minister.
    • Complete a written exam about your plan to be a life coach minister. 

    NOTE: The life Coach Minister is also now known as Coaching Minister.  Specailization Badges may be mentioned, but we now understand them as just "specializations." Please note that. 

  • Characteristics of a Ordained and Commissioned Life Coach Minister

  • Specializations

    The specialization you have taken additional training in life coach prerequisite training in specific areas of coaching. For instance, if you want to offer a life coaching specialization in the area of pre-marriage counseling, you will first be certified as a Coaching Minister (Life coach minister) through this class, then you will take the required classes that specialize in the ministry area. 

    Steps for Specializations

    1. Complete the Core Coaching Minister Role program

    2. Complete this Coaching Minister (Life Coach Minister) Recognition course including the gathering of two endorsements. 

    3. Complete any Specialization Requirements

  • Submit Two Recommendations or have Level Two Endorsement

    The Coaching Minister (Life Coach Minister) is a clergy status certification at Christian Leaders Alliance. While we can observe your academic readiness for becoming a Coaching Minister, we need to have your calling confirmed by those who know you. We ask for at least two endorsements. 

    You must obtain 2 letters of recommendation from someone who has observed your Christian character. They can be from:

    • A ministry leader or a Mentor Minister
    • Your spouse or a friend if unmarried
    • A non-family member that knows you and respects you. 

    These two endorsements are essential for your credibility as a Coaching Minister.

  • An updated CLI profile

    Your profile is vitally important in ministry. People really do look you up. If your profile is vital, you open doors. Many people do not take their profile seriously and this hurts their impact. Take time to update your profile and add a piece about your Life Coaching calling. 

    • Your Coaching Minister Story

    • Comprehensive Coaching Minister Final Exams

       Comprehensive Exam questions will be taken from the Life Coaching Ministry Class and this Certification Class.