Social Sciences


How does mental illness intersect with theology, the church, and who Jesus is? Join Brandon Applenhans in dissecting how faith communities can support mental wellness. 

Full Courses:

This general education core class explores the academic discipline of sociology, evaluates claims of sociology from a biblical perspective, and shows how an understanding of social structures and relationships can make ministry more effective.

In this course, you will learn the foundations of Psychology in theory and in practice all from the Biblical worldview. The topics will give you the history of Psychology, who its proponents are, how to understand the human mind and behavior, as well as psychological disorders and their effects on the brain and human relationships. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to help you, the ministry practitioner, to integrate, adapt and use psychological concepts.

The very idea that there can be such a thing as a Christian Philosophy has long been denied and seldom tried. This course will explain why some Christian philosophers of the 20th century concluded that a Christian philosophy is possible, and will end with a brief account of one proposal of such a theory, the Christian theory of reality developed by Herman Dooyeweerd (1894 - 1977).

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