Navigating Conflict


Do you want more discernment skills? This mini-course teaches you the essential skill needed to be a more discerning person.

Critical Grace Theory

Critical theories are spreading throughout the world.  This mini-course evaluates these theories from the perspective of Grace.  Critical Grace Theory sees grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the only way out of these struggles. 

If you never took a philosophy course but wanted to have some working knowledge, this Mini-Course might be a perfect fit. This course features Templeton Award winner Dr. Roy Clouser. 

Learn the common logical fallacies and how to spot them. Become a more effective leader and communicator.  

Full Courses:

This course equips students to bring biblical peace culture to every relationship and situation. You will learn to pursue God's purposes in situations of conflict, rather than reacting in harmful ways. You will learn to depend on God's presence and reconciling power to be a peacemaker, applying PeaceSmart principles in families, organizations, and evangelism.

Restoring Relationships - Transforming Justice:  This is the first course in the Restorative Justice track. When someone is convicted of breaking the law, they have actually offended the public. This public offense is a broken relationship. This course teaches how to restore not only the "public offended relationship," but many other relationships as well. 

This course teaches various life skills and shows how to become healthier and stronger as a total person. Drawing upon a biblical worldview and findings in various disciplines, this course is a journey toward greater fitness in the spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, relational, and vocational dimensions of life.

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