Coaching or Life Coaching

Coaching or Life Coaching


Do you want more discernment skills? This mini-course teaches you the essential skill needed to be a more discerning person.

Critical Grace Theory

Critical theories are spreading throughout the world.  This mini-course evaluates these theories from the perspective of Grace.  Critical Grace Theory sees grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the only way out of these struggles. 

Who are you and what is your vision statement for your life and ministry? The course will connect your calling with your ministry! 

Serving the Lord with a great attitude brings blessing to yourself and others. If you are looking to thrive in friendship, courtship, marriage, ministry, business, and about everything else a great or positive attitude goes a long way. 

If you never took a philosophy course but wanted to have some working knowledge, this Mini-Course might be a perfect fit. This course features Templeton Award winner Dr. Roy Clouser. 

Learn the common logical fallacies and how to spot them. Become a more effective leader and communicator.  

Full Courses:

Life Coaching Ministry is a full three-credit class that could also be called "Life-Changing Coaching". This class teaches you how to be a life coach minister. Professor Steve Elzinga guides you through the study of the theory and practice of life coaching. He connects this field to that of the volunteer, part-time or full-time vocational life coach minister.

This course improves your God-given ability to think. You learn how to use logic and critical thinking to formulate clear, sound arguments, evaluate others' reasoning and evidence, and detect fallacies in flawed arguments. You will learn key elements of argument structure, inductive reasoning, probability, deductive reasoning, formal logic, and categorical logic.

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