Ministry Speaking and Communications – Writing and Presenting Sermons and Bible Studies


What are the essential Christian teachings? What does it mean to believe the truth of Scripture? Dr. David Feddes teaches this extensive mini-course that dives into the foundation of Biblical revelation. This course is one of those essentials for the soul and pastoral care. 

Are you interested in learning how to lead Bible studies? Learning to lead Bible studies is crucial for ministry leaders. 

Serving the Lord with a great attitude brings blessing to yourself and others. If you are looking to thrive in friendship, courtship, marriage, ministry, business, and about everything else a great or positive attitude goes a long way. 

So you have been asked to speak at a ministry event? Maybe you are asked to give a sermon because your pastor is on vacation. Maybe you are a marriage minister and you asked to lead devotions at the marriage conference. Maybe you are planting a new church in your neighborhood and you are going to need the basics of a ministry presentation. This class will get you going on giving a ministry presentation. 

Full Courses:

This course builds upon the basics of communication, explores various elements of preparing and preaching sermons, discusses various models of preaching, and presents a wide-ranging sample of preachers for learning and critical evaluation. CLI recommends taking Hermeneutics and Exegesis and Communications 101 before this class.

This class cultivates the art and method of preparing and preaching effective sermons and/or formal Christian presentations. Drawing first upon the Bible and communion with the Spirit, students will deepen their calling as preachers, develop their skills in crafting and delivering powerful messages, and grapple with some practical challenges in preaching.

This course develops your writing skills so that you can participate in public conversations through writing. It is not about the building blocks of writing (words, sentences, and grammar) but about the architecture and process required to turn those materials into a solid structure. You will walk through a specific writing process that will yield publishable work, and which is repeatable for future projects.

This course improves your God-given ability to think. You learn how to use logic and critical thinking to formulate clear, sound arguments, evaluate others' reasoning and evidence, and detect fallacies in flawed arguments. 

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