Church Revitalization


Learn the essentials of developing your first ministry board. This is an ideal class if you are starting a new church or ministry.

Learn the skill of being on a church or ministry board. Learn who to look for if you are planting or revitalizing a church or ministry. 

Fellowship and Hospitality are two pillars of church growth and discipleship! This course is lead by Henry and Pam Reyenga who have been involved with ministry for over 4 decades. Gain valuable insights into this important ministry area. 

Golf is a game that allows you to have fun and gives you the opportunity to form new relationships.  Learn how Professors Henry Reyenga and Steve Elzinga minister to others on a Golf course and learn how Long time Golf instructor Paul Wilson teaches Golf. 

Just as Jesus was an ambassador of Christ, we are ambassadors of Jesus. Just as Jesus was sent, we are sent. With this special calling, there are important priorities, forms of communication, and tasks. Join Professor Brian DeCook in the exploration of these topics! 

Skill Courses (These suggested courses will help plant or revitalize churches. You could offer a program to your community in these skill areas. 

Have you been asked to officiate a wedding?  This Christian Wedding Officiant Skills class is a one-credit class that gives you the skills needed to officiate a wedding. Included in the training are some teachings about the meaning of marriage from the Christian worldview perspective. 

How do Christians find their life-long marriage match? This course brings the Biblical worldview to the practical need of matching couples who share a walk with Christ. Professor Kristina Lynn has spent over twenty years developing a matchmaking ministry approach. This one-credit specialization ministry class is designed for those interested in pursuing matchmaking as part of their ministry. 

Full Courses:

This course examines the necessity for church revitalization, the contributing factors that contribute to decline, and the biblical principles which lead to health and vitality.

This course explores some key aspects of pastoring a church including Your Family and Ministry, Leading the Leaders, Helping People Though Grief, The Nine Facets of Training your Ministry and Small Group Volunteers (Carl George), Sharing the Gospel, Hospitality, and tools for pastors as they set up a discipleship culture in homes of those they influence. This course also offers guidance for dealing with important transitional events, such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

This class looks at the mighty things the Holy Spirit does in the thought, work, and practice of presenting God's grace to others through evangelism.

This course trains disciples of Jesus to spread the movement in local ministry settings. Students will be equipped to lead a small group, plant a house church, develop a church launch team, and evangelize others. Featuring Francis Chan and David Platt.

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