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    Licensed Ministry Chaplain Recognition Class

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    The Licensed Ministry Chaplain is a clergy role with 18 credits of ministry training and six mini-courses. This training program provides you with the necessary skills to serve as a licensed ministry Chaplain. The Licensed Ministry Chaplain is licensed as a clergy member, equipped for the duties of a licensed minister and the duties of a ministry chaplain, including conducting weddings and funerals.

    The Licensed Ministry Chaplain credential is intended for those who serve as volunteer or part-time Chaplain ministers. You may be a non-licensed minister in a church or ministry and believe that a licensed clergy status will help you serve better. Alternatively, you might be exploring ministry opportunities, and this program will prepare you for further study of ministry on your path to ordained clergy roles with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

    Required Courses:



    To apply for this clergy role, you will need two recommendations regarding your character and calling.


    The Christian Leaders Alliance will acknowledge you as a licensed clergy member, and your profile will be featured on the Christian Leaders Alliance website. This credential qualifies you to serve as a ministry chaplain.

    This program includes a three-credit Introduction to Chaplaincy course, designed especially for volunteer chaplains at prisons, hospitals, businesses, police, or fire departments. Once licensed, you will be qualified for the following roles:

    • Ministry Chaplaincy
    • Weddings
    • Baptisms and Dedications
    • Funerals
    • The Lord’s Supper
    • Professions of Faith
    • Confessions of Sin
    • Forgiveness Prayers and Ceremonies
    • Anointing Ceremonies
    • Care Facilities Visits
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • Master of Ceremony Events


    Upon completing the certification course, you will be awarded your licensed credentials, which will be posted in the Christian Leaders Institute global graduate directory. 

    Furthermore, government officials can verify your status as a licensed clergy member through official channels. Participating in this course introduces you to the world of ministry training and allows you to discern whether you wish to pursue further training and credential levels.

    Additionally, upon completing this course, you will have the opportunity to order one of three clergy credential packages. For more details, please check here.


    1. Finish all Ministry Training

    2. Submit two recommendations.

    3. Update your profile to convey your story and passion for being a Licensed Chaplain Minister.

    4. Update your Clergy Directory Profile and submit your story if desired. 

  • Ministry Training

  • Activity One: Submit your Recomendations

    The Licensed Chaplain Minister is a ministry clergy status at Christian Leaders Alliance. While we can observe your academic readiness for becoming a Licensed Chaplain Minister, we need to have your calling confirmed by those who know you. We ask for at least two endorsements. 

    You must obtain an endorsement from someone who has observed your Christian character. It can be from:

    • A ministry leader or a Mentor Minister
    • Your spouse or a friend if unmarried
    • non-family member that knows you and respects you. 

    These two endorsements are essential for your credibility as a Licensed Chaplain Minister.

    Update: Please enroll in the Endorsement Level Class (click here) to submit these assignments. Once you complete the assignment in that course, you will receive the checkmark needed on your Guidance and Credential Panel. You will only need to complete the second assignment in this course, where you will upload both your endorsements at once. 

  • Activity Two: Update Your Profile

    Your student profile will become your publically posted clergy profile at the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory. Your well-written profile communicates your competency and confidence as a clergy member. Please upload a quality picture as well.  As a licensed chaplain minister, government officials, Care Facility Officials, other ministers, or parishioners will potentially look you up to confirm that you are licensed clergy. 

    Your profile will be assessed when your recommendation is evaluated and given a pass/fail grade. Please proofread your profile. 

    Sample of a profile: 

  • Activity Three: Post Your Story for Possible Publication

    Share your story. We regularly publish Licensed Chaplain Minister stories. If your submission is selected, an editor will keyword the story, so it gets noticed by Google and other search engines. You will reach others who are looking for free training and licensed clergy opportunities. When you write your story, include the following elements:

    1. Please share with us how becoming a Licensed Chaplain Minister will help you.

    2. Why are you pursuing becoming a Licensed Chaplain Minister? 

    3. Share the spiritual journey that brought you to this desire to serve others.  

    4. Does this program encourage you to do more training at Christian Leaders Institute? If so, what interests you? 

    5. How has this free ministry training and Licensed Chaplain Minister course been formative? 

    Post your updated story and upload a high-quality picture of yourself (if you have a security risk or a reason not to, simply move on to the final course confirmation quiz). 

    Post Chaplain Story

  • Order your Recognition Package or Items

    Step One:

    Verify the completion of this course. You can see you completed it on the Guidance and Credential Panel or in your Grades on the dashboard.

    Step Two:

    Order your official Licensed Ministry Chaplain Clergy Kit:

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