Liberty University Partnership Information

Christian Leaders College understands that students have hardship financially and sometimes they want a major outside of the areas of Ministry, Bible, or Theology at another institution, such as in Marketing. This means that they're not going to be able to transfer a large amount of credits from the Christian Leaders College (CLC) toward their desired degree program at another institution since CLC’s degree majors are in Theology, Bible, and Ministry. But the nature of CLC courses being tuition-free can help a student reach their goal of this other degree pursuit, whether it is at Liberty University – one of our academic partner institutions – or at a different institution. In order to take part in the academic partnership with Liberty or to have an official college transcript sent to another institution, students must be Christian Leaders College students and not only Institute students. 

Please note that if the institution you want to attend or at which you are already working on a degree is different than Liberty University, CLC recommends first communicating with that institution about whether or not they will accept college credits from CLC courses. CLC’s Registrar Office is willing to assist in those discussions by sending a sampling of course syllabi upon request of the student.

CLC doesn't charge tuition for its courses, but CLC does need to maintain current courses and develop additional high-quality, tuition-free courses, as well as be able to support the College students administratively if students ever need any help during their studies. Therefore, CLC does need to charge a fee requisite to the amount of credits a student earned at the College and Institute as an adjusted transcript processing fee, which is detailed below.

To have CLC send an official transcript to another institution, such as Liberty, the following transcript processing fee will apply:

0-15 credits: $250

16-45 credits: $500

46-75 credits: $750

76 + credits: $1,000.

CLI Degree graduate: $30

For any questions about this process, please email the Registrar’s Office at

To see the transfer equivalency guide for Liberty University, click HERE.

Last modified: Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 12:33 PM