Christian Theology


What are the essential Christian teachings? What does it mean to believe the truth of Scripture? Dr. David Feddes teaches this extensive mini-course that dives into the foundation of Biblical revelation. 

How do you answer people when they confront your faith with questions? Are you able to give an answer? Take this mini-course for insights into practical apologetics. 

Full Courses:

This foundational ministry training course focuses on some of the most basic truths in God's Word, the Bible, for guiding Christian belief and behavior. Students will learn these truths, find where they are taught in Scripture, and grow in their ability to state Christian truths clearly and briefly to others.

This course considers doctrines about Scripture, God, creation, humanity, sin, and Christ.

This course considers Christian doctrines about the Holy Spirit, the application of salvation, the church, and the future. (You must take Theology I before you take Theology II.)

This ministry training course introduces students to basic issues in apologetics (defending and contending for the faith). Students learn biblical worldview, cultural analysis, and presenting the gospel in a way that shows its plausibility and addresses common objections.

This course explores what the Bible reveals about prayer and answers many questions about prayer. Students will grow in interacting with God, praying rightly, seeking God's guidance, and training for godliness.

This course looks at major events, key persons, and important trends in the first four centuries of the Christian church, the period from Jesus' resurrection through Augustine of Hippo. Such study helps us to see God's faithfulness in the past and to better understand the church's present challenges and opportunities.

This class looks at mighty things the Holy Spirit has done at various times and places, causing the church to grow in holiness, power, and numbers. By examining major mission advances and revivals, we gain insights for mission and revival in our own time and place.

This course surveys and evaluates the historical data available concerning women in early Christianity starting from the ministry of Jesus through the first several centuries of the Catholic church. 

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