Senior Adult Ministry Studies


Do you want to declutter your life? Can you be more effective in your walk with God and ministry if your life was more decluttered?  This mini-course may change your home and ministry.

Serving the Lord with a great attitude brings blessing to yourself and others. If you are looking to thrive in friendship, courtship, marriage, ministry, business, and about everything else a great or positive attitude goes a long way. 

This mini-course explores how to build people up. This course will help you love your neighbor, whether that neighbor is in your family, friendship pool, work, church, or community. 

Full Courses:

This course provides training for ministry among senior citizens. The class surveys various aspects of aging persons and their unique needs and opportunities for faith and service in God’s Kingdom. It explores life coaching for seniors, thus equipping ministers of all ages to benefit the seniors they are pastoring. It also examines current academic thought regarding seniors.

Sexual intimacy is a God-given gift connected to marriage and procreation. This course discusses many vital aspects of sexuality within a Christian Worldview approach, in order to equip Christians and ministers to grow in their personal lives and in their ministry impact. 

This advanced class presents key building blocks of a thriving marriage, offers insights for strengthening one's own marriage, develops ability to offer pre-marriage preparation for couples, and cultivates skills for marriage counseling.

This course looks at many of the human relational dynamics that occur in most families. These insights are very helpful for Christian Leaders to lead people into God-glorifying wholeness.

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