Overview: The Licensed Minister program is clergy-recognized and designed for completion in less than four months with part-time study (10 hours per week). Click here to see the course requirements. It's a perfect fit for those called to volunteer or part-time ministry, such as retired Christians, elders, deacons, and even single moms who have found the time to complete it. This program can typically be completed in about 6-12 months of part-time study, depending on students' pace. (Note: You must gain level two endorsement into membership with the Christian Leaders Alliance.)

Key Roles:

  • Wedding Officiation: Obtain the credentials to lead weddings and offer pre-marriage counseling.
  • Expanded Ministry Skills: Learn how to officiate a variety of Christian events, including funerals and baptisms. Gain foundational pastoral training for church ministry, ready to be specialized in specific topics.

Key Benefits:

  1. Quick Certification: Earn your credentials in under four months with a part-time commitment.
  2. Wide Reach: Ideal for volunteer ministers, retirees, and those considering part-time ministry roles.
  3. Varied Ceremonial Skills: Become proficient in officiating a diverse range of Christian ceremonies.
  4. Flexibility: Well-suited for those looking for volunteer opportunities or balancing other responsibilities, such as single moms.
  5. Skill Development: The program serves as a foundational course that can be built upon for more specialized ministry roles.
  6. Soul Center Registration: You will be eligible to register a Soul Center with the Christian Leaders Alliance

Upon completing this program, you'll not only broaden your ministry skill set but also acquire the credentials needed for a diverse array of clerical duties, putting you on a path to further specialization and impactful service.

Licensed Minister
Requires a 2.00 GPA and to
complete the following :
unchecked Level 2 Endorsement

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