Courses at Christian Leaders Institute consist of mini-courses, "Ministry Skills" courses, English Literacy courses, Licensing/Ordination courses, and college-level courses. The Christian Development School's award, certificate, and diploma requirements generally utilize the college-level courses. College-level courses will grant college credit in CLI's Leadership Excellence School. The mini-courses, "Ministry Skills" courses, and college-level courses are all utilized in the Christian Leaders Alliance's licensing and ordination programs. 

Getting Started Class

This course helps you get a good start on your study and program recognition journey.  

Mini-Courses - 

Christian Leaders Institute offers mini-courses that can be completed within 1 to 5 hours. These mini-courses will cover a wide variety of topics and give no units or credit.

Ministry Skills Courses -

Ministry Skills classes focus on specific skills for ministry practice. These courses give units in the Christian Development School. Popular courses include Christian Wedding Officiant Skills, Officiant Ministry Skills, and Parenting Skills. Many find Matchmaking Ministry interesting. 

College-level Courses

Most college-level courses at Christian Leaders Institute include videos, readings, and quizzes in 12-14 sections or topics. You will have 180 days (6 months) of enrollment in each course. 

You can study at your own pace in each of these courses as long as you complete the coursework (readings/videos, any assignments, and all quizzes) within 180 days. You will be automatically unenrolled and lose your completed work if you take longer than 180 days. 

All material you will need to study for your quizzes is in the course. You do not need to purchase any books or resources; it is all provided in the course. We do have optional links to further resources in some courses, but you will not be tested on that content. Most courses are 12 topics, which include video lectures and reading material that you will then be tested on in each section/topic. Most courses typically have 12 quizzes on content and one feedback quiz at the end of the course. Some courses do have papers that need to be submitted and graded by our staff/faculty or some other type of submitted assignment. You can generally be enrolled in up to 5 courses that you haven't yet completed at one time.

Spiritual formation is at the core of the Christian Leaders Institute. We desire that you grow in your walk with God and your ministry in the lives of others. After you finish the getting started class, you have so many free class options to choose from. 

Course Categories: 

Bible/Theology Studies

These free courses concern Biblical and Theological Topics. If you are a new Christian, courses like Christian BasicsOld Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey are a great pick for you. These three courses will strengthen your walk with God and ground you in basic Christianity. Try Apologetics also. 

If you are here for personal growth and spiritual formation, you might enroll in the prayer course or a theology course.

Ministry Studies

The Ministry Studies deal with some of the best practices of doing Christian ministry in your family, local churches, or in your community. 

Popular Ministry courses at Christian Leaders Institute are courses like People SmartInfluence SmartEvangelismLife Coaching MinistryPastoral Care and Marriage, and Marriage Ministry.

General Studies

General Studies are many of those topics you will find in a college general education categories. Total Fitness is interdisciplinary, but is included in the General Education area; its a course on general healthy living and life preparedness (physical fitness, financial fitness, spiritual fitness, and more are all discussed within the course). These general studies free college-level courses include such subjects as:


Business/Enterprise Courses focus on traditional business courses found at colleges and universities. Here are some samples of free courses for you to check out. 

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